Yamaha NSIC800WH 140 Watts 2 Way RMS Speaker Review

Yamaha NSIC800WH 140 Watts 2 Way RMS Speaker Review

Yamaha is a well-known brand for the manufacturing of not only motorcycles but also electronics such as speakers which we will be discussing. For years, Yamaha has produced one of the best sound systems and speakers like the Yamaha nsic800wh 140 watts 2 way RMS speaker. I recommend reading my recent comparison on Yamaha NSIC800WH Vs Polk RC80i In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers.

One of the most popular speakers that have been trending lately is the Yamaha nsic800wh 2-way models. The speakers come with great power, durability, and one of the best quality speakers. You may also want to check out Sony SSCS5 Vs Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers.

I will give you some detailed specifications as well as some special features that you will possibly be interested in. This is the only article you will ever need. 

Further down the article, I will cover the details about the dimensions, the power, and the advantages of having such characteristics over others. So let us begin with a short overview.

Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker -- White (2 Speakers)

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  • Crossover Type-2-way; Maximum Frequency Response-28 kHz; Physical Characteristics-Color-White
  • Input Power (Maximum / Nominal): 140W / 50W; Impedance-8 Ohm; Physical Characteristics-Depth-4.3
  • Driver Type-Dome; Crossover Frequency-3.50 kHz; Physical Characteristics-Diameter-10.9
  • Slim profile design for flush in-celing or wall mounting
  • Sealed back cover protects against dust and moisture

Yamaha NSIC800WH Overview

Before we get into more details about the specifications, let me first give you some highlights of the Yamaha nsic800 model, to give you an idea of what we will be covering. 

The Yamaha nsic800 is a compact in-ceiling speaker that is ideal for discreet installations in home theaters. Also, the speakers can be installed in living room ceilings, kitchens, and other living areas.  

This Yamaha nsic800wh speaker model is equipped with a polypropylene mica cone woofer which is designed to give you the quality bass that you need. You may also want to check out What Is Better Stereo Vs Surround For Gaming.

On top of that, you get a speaker with a unique design of a grain-finished acoustic baffle with a spiral pattern. This is designed to give you some natural sound dispersion. In addition, it has a slim profile which is designed to be perfect for your in-ceiling or in-wall mounting process. 

Since in-ceiling or in-wall speakers are susceptible to dust and moisture that usually affects the back of the speaker, the Yamaha NS-IC model is designed with a sealed back cover (basically, it is a plastic covering on the back) to ensure that there is maximum protection. This further prolongs the durability. 

Why do people love them Yamaha nsic800wh speaker so much? And why I think you should buy them.

When we asked several users what they thought about the NS-IC 800, a lot of great reviews came in and they pretty much talked about the same things. 

What most people said about these speakers is the quality.  Since it went into production, Yamaha has had a policy of always putting quality in its best interest. 

This, along with their experience in manufacturing fine speakers, ensures that the sound of these speakers is superior and outstanding, compared to many other in-ceiling speakers. 

Secondly, they were built in such a way that you can install them yourself even without prior experience in installing in-ceiling speakers. You may also want to read more about the Best In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers.

You get large mounting clamps with a non-slip tread that gets a firm grip. On top of that, the grille is magnetic, which makes the installation process quick and easy. 

The most talked-about characteristic of the Yamaha NS-IC800wh is the paintable grille. Thanks to Yamaha for this amazing feature. 

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Having a paintable grille means that you can spray-paint it to just any color, which means you can make them match the color of your ceiling and have your own speaker that disappears into the room. However, if you don’t plan on painting it, you can leave it in its default white color and it will shine in the room.  

The speakers have a mounting depth of about 108-109mm. Because the depth is relatively small, these speakers can fit in just about every room you want to install them in. Whether it is in your bedroom ceiling, living room ceiling, or any other room, the Yamaha NS-IC800 will be your favorite sound companions.

Now that we have highlighted some features to you, we should go into the specifications and see just how much the Yamaha NS-IC800 model has to offer. If you want a surround speaker, you may want to check out the Best Ceiling Speakers For Surround Sound.

Basic Information of Yamaha Ncsic800wh

Info TypeNS-IC800WH
Brand NameYamaha
Packaged Quantity1
Country of manufactureUSA

Detailed Specifications.

As we already highlighted before, these 2-way speakers come with a grille. The grille is detachable, allowing you to remove it for cleanup or when you want to paint it, the last thing you want to do is to get paint all over your tweeter. 

It comes with a passive amplification type, having a coaxial system class. 

Speaker System- Other Specifications

Detachable GrilleYes
System Components2 Speakers
Amplification TypePassive
Crossover Channel Quantity2-way
System ClassCoaxial
Recommended PlacingIn-ceiling mounting / Surround Speakers
Speaker Quantity (in one box)2 speakers
Connectivity TechnologyWired

Power Specs.

Nominal Output Power50 watts
Maximum (RMS) Output Power140 watts
Frequency response50 – 28000 Hz
Nominal impedance8 ohms
Sensitivity90 dB

Just in case you saw the RMS abbreviation that always comes after this Yamaha model name, it simply means the maximum (also called nominal) power output that the model can possibly reach. 

Many other speakers have an RMS that is lower than this one, which automatically means that they have a lesser output power. 

Driver Details.

Driver TypeTweeter Driver, Woofer Driver
Driver Quantity1
Driver diameter1 m, 8 m
Driver Diameter (Metric System)203 mm, 25 mm
Driver MaterialPolypropylene
Driver Technology / DesignSoft Dome

When we speak of the driver, we are talking about the combination of both the woofer and the tweeter. 

Each speaker has one mica cone woofer, which is made from a polypropylene material that I talked about earlier and one tweeter, which gives you a nice treble balanced sound.

The woofer measures at 8 inches while each tweeter is only about 1 inch wide which is enough for a tweeter. You may also want to check out The 10 Best Tweeters.

Dimensions and Weight.

Depth4.8 inches
Diameter11.1 inches
Weight4.19 pounds

Features of Yamaha NS-CI800WH

  • The Yamaha NS-IC800 is equipped with an 8-inch blue polypropylene mica cone woofer as well as a fluid-cooled soft dome tweeter to provide clear audio with a wide frequency response. 
  • The tweeter was designed in such a way that it can be swiveled to any direction in the room for precise aiming and the most effective high-frequency output, so you never have to miss a single sound detail. 
  • The speaker has a horn-shaped acoustic baffle that has a spiral pattern. This ensures that you get to hear some clean and natural sounds. 
  • As mentioned (in passing) earlier, the model comes with magnetic grilles that can be detached at any time, allowing you to clean them and even paint them in any color of your choice. 
  • Oh, and did I mention that the grille is built with a very thin and slim edge? This actually makes the grille to blend in your ceiling more, making it almost invisible. 


I think the first advantage of having an in-ceiling speaker such as this one is the fact that you get to paint them in any color that matches your room. This will give your room a natural feel. 

The second one is one that a lot of us will be able to relate to. Ever had your favorite set of speakers in your living room and curious kids that want to put their fingers on the tweeters? It can ruin the speakers as well as distorts the sounds that you can get from them. 

With the Yamaha model, you don’t have to worry about kids touching them because they are safe in your ceiling unless your kids are like 8 feet tall, which is less likely. As such, your speakers will last you a very long time. 

Yamaha knows that when it comes to installing in-ceiling speakers, most of us are unfamiliar with the process. Because of this, they made the beginner-level user manual with templates that help you to install the speakers with ease

Also, the speaker has a large mounting clamp with non-slip tread to firmly grip walls or ceilings for secure installation. 

How much does Yamaha NS-CI800WH cost?

As I said many times in this article, Yamaha is renowned for making high-quality products since time immemorial (longer than we can even remember). When it comes to the price, we all want a product that will be at least affordable but not too cheap to a point where it has to sacrifice the quality for affordability. 

As of the Yamaha NS-IC800wh model, prices may vary depending on where you plan to buy them from. 

To find out more about the prices of these models and how they vary from one selling platform to the other. You may also want to read about the Best Home Theater Speakers Under 300.

It will give you the lowest prices possible and shipping details, if possible, so you can make comparisons and see what will be the best option for you. 


Once again, Yamaha has done it again. Speakers that are designed with customers’ best interest in mind. When it comes to the quality, Yamaha never seems to disappoint us. 

If you have never used any Yamaha product before, I suggest that you try installing these in your house. You will definitely feel the difference. 

Yamaha NSIC800WH Review
Yamaha NSIC800WH Review


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