Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones For Working Out

Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones For Working Out 1

No workout session is better without a good pair of one of these best wireless over ear headphones to go with it. No wonder, every Joe in town has a decent pair of workout headphones to enjoy podcasts on the move if it’s not the virtual workout group where anyone can just sign up, plug-in a wireless over-ear headphone,s and break a sweat. Read the updated Bluetooth safety, Is Bluetooth Safe?

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Headphones have indeed become very popular in our Morden world so much that if you are lucky to get the right wireless headphones, brace your self for the best sound experience you have ever enjoyed!

Now that you are here, then it must mean that you are looking for a wireless noise-cancellation over the ear headphone for working out. And the great news is that in this article, we have compared and listed some of the best wireless over-ear headphones. Our goal is to help you find an exact match for a match to what you are looking for.

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But before we move forward, you must know that there are plenty of different over the ear headphones for working out available on the market. This can also be a blessing and a curse if you do not know how to pick the best one, whether it’s entirely based on your budget or you have no ceiling at all!

All in all, it is not an easy task because some are very expensive yet they don’t offer quality sound, while some may be fairly priced if not very affordable but offering sound of great quality too, so it’s a 50/50 game.

Our headphones for working out the buyer’s guide should, therefore, help you find the best over-ear headphones for working out at the right price.

Best budget over ear headphones

Top 10 Work out Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

1. Soul X-TRA performance Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones
2. Bluetooth wireless headphones workout over-ear, Hi-Fi stereo headset
3. Mpow Bluetooth over-ear hi-fi stereo wireless foldable headphones
4. Definitive technology symphony 1 over-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones
5. Cowin E7 pro active noise-canceling headphones Bluetooth headphones
6. Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones over-ear Hi-Fi stereo wireless headset
7. Sennheiser Momentum Over-ear wireless headphones
8. Jabra move wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphones
9. Sony WH-1000Xm3 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone
10. Sennheiser PXC 550

Why over the ear headphones workout?

Why you want the best headphone for working out may be different from why you need the best headphones for running. Working out headphones over ear have features which you can’t find on running earbuds and normal headphones, eg. both the purpose and signatures can differ.

Working out headphones over ear have some features which you should consider before buying.


Unlike earbuds, over-ear Bluetooth headphones for working out are big (bulky), one which provides over-ear balance and clamp so it stays tight enough not to hurt the ears or head, but also lightweight.


Bluetooth headphones for working out needs to be comfortable wearing them, this is because taking a long exercise or gym with wobbly headphone will give you total discomfort. Find a clamp gym over-ear headphone that has a warranty on it.

Wireless headphones:

The most preferable work out headphones are wireless headphones, wired headphones are not commonly used because there are many issues like cable noise, cable interference, and disruptions. Wireless over-ear headphone allows free movement, complete comfort just like you are relaxing at home. Reading product descriptions will give more guidance on this.


The lighter headphones’ weight is the better experience you will have. When running, one thing you don’t need is a heavy headphone, light over-ear headphones are recommended for use in working out. Always check the weight of the headphones for a rough idea of what type of over-ears headphones you are buying.

Noise cancelling:

Noise cancelling headphones improves sound quality and reduces external noises. Whether it’s an outdoor working out or indoor working out, an over-ear noise cancelling headphone will not only block out traffic noise, it will also help with loud gym music and distractions that come with it.


Durable over-ear headphones are one of the features you should look for, because there are quite a few things that can easily damage the headphones like; falling out, hitting against walls and gym pieces of equipment, and many others. Well built work out headphones are designed to last, some of these headphones have strong and durable material for long-lasting.


Sound is a motivational feature every workout over-ear headphones should have. Clarity of sound, deep bass, and richer sound waves should be the perfect best running headphones. Every detail of a good headphone workout sums up to a better sound and larger speakers, unlike earbuds.

What to look for when buying wireless over-ear headphones for working out?

Don’t be surprised that the market is flushed with the best wireless over ear headphones. Yes, as we said before, there are a lot of headphones available on our markets today, and knowing which one is best can be a tough job, but that’s why we are here, to make things easy for you.

And, when you are on the market for your wireless headphones, here’s some of the key little nuggets of some basic things to look out for before you buy wireless over-ear headphones for working out:

  • The Battery Lifespan Per Charge: The first thing you should look at when buying wireless headphones is the battery life the battery should be durable and also last for a couple of hours.
  • You should as well look at the wireless Bluetooth range
  • They should be comfortable and not weigh too much
  • They shouldn’t be too expensive
  • They should have good noise cancellation

Below we have listed the 10 best wireless over-ear headphones for working out:

1. Soul X-TRA performance Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones

This is one of the best wireless over ear headphones, it will give you the best sound experience you can imagine; you connect them to your device through Bluetooth. It is portable and you can safely carry them in your bag.

This is a high-performance Bluetooth over-ear headphones for sports, this headphone is the running best headphones, not just for pure gym entertainment, but also for you to stay strong, powerful, and gym motivated at all time. This over-ear wireless headphone comes with some good features like:


This a foldable over-ear headphone which is ideal for travelers, easily bagged, and safe space. It is a clamp-on headphone and generally lightweight, this enables it to stay on even if you work out tough. The headband provides comfort using a breathable headband design. A flashing or still LED light for night workouts so you stay noticeable. The earpads are sweatproof and can be removed and washed.


Connects to any Bluetooth device with complete stability using the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The signature sound quality for this wireless over-ear headphone is very good, using advanced HD drivers. The clear bass, mids, and highs are due to the circuitry design. A fast charge and 24 hours playtime, also a 150 playtime minutes with just 15 minutes charge.


  • It works with PS4 just like most headphones for over-ear, but you may have to connect it and change the controller setting to all audio instead of the chat audio.
  • The IPX rating for this over-ear workout headphone is 6- Awesome.
  • If you are an eyeglass wearer, this headphone should be fine, it doe not affect the headphone or the glasses.
  • This is also ideal for hiking and weight training, because of its comfortability.
  • If you want replacement ear cups, you can get this on the company site.
  • This is a Bluetooth over-ear headphone powered by built-in lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries using a USB cable.
  • You can skip songs using the volume (+) and (-) buttons, by holding on to the buttons.
  • The flashing LED light comes on automatically, click on it twice to turn it off.

SOUL Electronics X-TRA Performance Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for Sports. 24 Hours Playtime for Running and Workout and Gym. Support Apple iPhone and Android - Blue

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • SIGNATURE SOUND QUALITY - advanced HD drivers and circuitry design for a balanced bass and clear midst and highs. It means music and movies are presented with exceptional clarity and delicate balance. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & TO STAY ON - ergonomic design, to stay on even during your toughest workout. Breathable headband designed for maximum breathability and coolness
  • DUAL MODE LED LIGHTS TO KEEP YOU SAFE IN THE DARK - turn on the LED lights when you are running or exercise in the dark. Still and flashing modes.
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE EAR PADS - made with breathable sports material for moisture Wicking and washable function. Lightweight, Sweat proof, and removable
  • EXTENDED PLAYTIME WITH FAST CHARGE - up to 24-hour of playtime (with LED lights off) and comes with fast charge support which gets you a 150-min of playtime in 15-min. Enjoy music and phone call.


  • They’ll give you good sound quality far from too many waves
  • They are very light in weight meaning you won’t be feeling any weight in your head even if you use them for longer hours
  • They have a light system which will light your way during dark hours of running or jogging or walking home
  • They have pads that are removable, meaning you can remove and wash them to keep them looking clean
  • The battery is durable, can last for a couple of hours without being charged
  • The design of the headphones is durable and very attractive


  • The headphones require continuous charging which can be of inconvenience to you at time

2. Bluetooth wireless headphones workout over-ear, Hi-Fi stereo headset

These headphones can play up to 20 hours before the battery dies, they are excellent for traveling and workouts as well. The design is pretty awesome and is durable. You can connect them to any Bluetooth device of your choice. They produce the sound of great quality as well, with clear sound.

This headphone over-ear workout headset is powered by 40mm neodymium drivers which produce an ultimate bass. This is another good over-ear headphones for a workout with some interesting features which are:


It is made with memory form and leather for head and ear comfort no matter how tight they are. A tight seal ear cup provides stability, comfort, and reduce external noise. The tight seal help increase the sound/music experience. Superior sound quality and deliver powerful bass, high and mid richer sound. It has foldable or twistable ear cups to fit in the carry case, not a foldable headband.


It connects with Bluetooth 4.1 for stable and fast connections. The over-ear Bluetooth can connect to a range of 33 ft. The built-in rechargeable battery can last 24 hours of playtime. Built-in hands free noise isolation microphone for voice over calls. Play, pause, volume, and skip button functions makes this easy to operate on the move. A detachable 3.5mm aux cable so you can connect to non-Bluetooth devices.


  • The audio impedance for this over-ear headphone is 32 ohms and the frequency resp is 20Hz-20Hz.
  • It connects to all Bluetooth devices including TV and MacBook, but be sure to turn off any connected device before trying to pair another device.
  • This is not only a gym over-ear headphone but can also be used at work, on a plane, or listening to a podcast.
  • If you are a glass wearer, this is comfortable at first, but may later become uncomfortable after some time.
  • If this earpad wears out, you may not get the exact replacements as it is not been sold, but you may try to replicas.
  • To know if the headphone is been charged, there are tiny 3 lights on the right side, when it is red it means charging, when they turn blue it means fully charged.
  • This is foldable by rotating the ear cups to fit in the case but is not a foldable headband.

Naztech i9 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling 4.1 Bluetooth Headphones with in-line Microphone Up to 30 hrs Playtime for iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, TV and Work/Airplane Adapter Included

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • High-definition sound-40mm neodymium drivers
  • Superior battery life- built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • Continues audio even after battery Depletes
  • Foldable for portability and travel case for storage


  • They are easy to pair with any Bluetooth device
  • The battery lasts for up to 20 hours meaning you can use them all day long
  • The headphones have superior audio engineering for quality sound
  • The headphones are very easy to operate


  • The headphones are very expensive

3. Mpow Bluetooth over-ear hi-fi stereo wireless foldable headphones

These headphones will give you impressive sound quality and have a very awesome battery life of up to 30 hours. You can use these headphones all day long without thinking of charging them.

The mpow over-ear headphone has a noise cancelling and feedforward and feedback technology for external noise reduction, and both wireless and wired connection. Some of the features for this mpow headphone include:


It has a 90-degree swivel ear cup.
Adjustable headband for a comfortable fit.
It has an around-ear pad for comfort and long-time wearing.
It is foldable for easy packing.


Has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity for a stable and fast connection. The Bluetooth connects up to 33 feet away, connects to any Bluetooth devices, and may require a Bluetooth adapter for some TV. A 2 years warranty and 45 days money back. The ear cup has volume, power on/off, ANC, skip, and handsfree call buttons and last 30 hours of playtime, it has an audio adapter for non-Bluetooth devices.


  • The microphone works only on wireless Bluetooth mode.
  • Can be connected to airplane entertainment.

Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with CVC8.0 Mic, Hi-Fi Stereo Deep Bass, Quick Charge 35H Playtime for Kids, Adults, TV, Online Class, Home Office

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Peerless Active Noise Cancelling: Nothing comes between you and your music; Mpow H19 IPO ANC headphones can effectively reduce ambient low frequency noise by up to 90%, no matter airplane cabin noise, city traffic or hubbub in a busy office, you can focus on what you want to hear
  • Bass You Can Feel: Powered by dual 40mm neodymium drivers and tuned by renowned sound engineers, Mpow H19 IPO is going to refresh your listening experience; Music is reproduced with a 15% larger frequency bandwidth for clear rich treble and 2× more bass response
  • Unmatched Call Quality: Working from home today means taking calls through drum-playing neighbors, leaf blowers and loud cars; Engineered with cVc 8.0 tech, Mpow H19 IPO brings superior vocal enhancement and background-noise suppression, enjoy improved clarity during conference meetings or online courses
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Quick Charge: Bluetooth 5.0 means faster, more stable connection and lower power consumption; When you’re in a rush, simply charge for 10 minutes and get up to 2 hour of playtime; A single charge gives you up to 35 hours of listening (ANC off), the wired mode provides endless enjoyment
  • Pressure-free Comfort: Mpow H19 IPO is designed with soft protein earcups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears; 8.47 ounce lightweight design never add any bulks on your head, you’ll forget you are wearing a headset; Adjustable headband allows kids, teenager, adults find their best fit


  • These headphones have a very long battery life up to 30 hours
  • They will give you good quality sound
  • They are made from skin-friendly material which makes them very comfortable when you wear them
  • These headphones will allow you to make phone calls because of its inbuilt mic
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4. Definitive technology symphony 1 over-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones

These headphones are best for working out because of the long battery life and the fact that they are wirelessly connected making them not bulky. They have a very good noise cancellation technology that will help you concentrate when working out without any background noises.

The definitive technology symphony 1 head-fi is an audiophile-grade wireless Bluetooth with a 50mm driver for a more definitive sound with high and mid richer sound, natural sound, and deep bass. This beautiful over-ear headphone is just outstanding with many some important features which include:


These symphonized headphones have a well closed-back design that prevents sound leakage and also prevents external noise. An active noise cancelling technology reduces ambient noise. Built with quality materials like a metal construction, leather-padded headband, and plush leather ear cups for comfortability. Adjustable headbands with swivel ear cups for easy adjustments, packing or traveling.


This definitive technology wireless speakers Bluetooth 3.1 or 2.1 with hands free calling. A built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 15 hours of playtime.
It is both wireless and wired over-ear headphones with a 3.5mm audio cable. It has on-ear buttons for volume, power on, Bluetooth, ANC, skip tracks, and answer call buttons.


  • They weigh 11.3 ounces almost like normal over-ear headphones.
  • Symphony 1 is a linear sound over-ear headphone.
  • Connects easily with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Signs for (L) and (R) are not marked on-ear cup, rather on the under the headband with ear cup adjustments.
  • It uses a dual-microphone noise canceling beamforming setup.
  • Adjustable headbands with swivel ear cups for packing or traveling.
  • This symphony 1 has a built-in USB DAC.
  • It can be used with a 3.5mm to 1/4 adapter and can also be hooked to a digital output on a PC.
  • For glass wearers, this can work with small or thin temples, not for larger temples or it may affect the ear cup seal.
  • The microphone has no mute buttons.
  • Works with PS4 on a wired audio cable.

Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (Renewed)

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on
  • Immerse yourself in precision-crafted, audiophile-grade sound wherever you are with the Definitive Technology Symphony 1 executive Bluetooth headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • 50mm drivers offer detailed, full-fidelity highs and mids-and rich, deep bass-for a big, natural soundstage
  • Convenient Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening and phone calls
  • Closed back, over-ear design seals out external sound while active noise cancellation (ANC) technology dramatically reduces ambient noise


  • These headphones consist of Bluetooth connectivity for calls
  • They will give a deep bass for natural clear sound-stage
  • They have a closed-back over the ear design for active noise cancellation


  • The battery life is shorter as compared to other headphones we have listed here

5. Cowin E7 pro active noise-canceling headphones Bluetooth headphones

These headphones are of high quality and they are one of the best in noise cancellation, meaning all you’ll hear when working out is your music, there’ll no background disturbances. These headphones are very comfortable even if you wear them for hours on your ears, you will not feel any discomfort.

The Cowin E7 Pro is an active noise cancelling workout over-ear headphones and can serve as a travel and work headphone. This headphone help to reduces external noise and produces a very good sound bass. This Cowin e7 pro has some good features which include:


This is an upgraded Cowin e7 pro. It has a soft ear protein cushion for complete comfort while you are on the move. 90-degree swivel earcups around-ear skin texture and lightweight.


An active noise cancelling technology, ANC works for both wireless and wired connections. A 45mm driver for deep richer bass and sound clarity, a built-in microphone for hands free calling, and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for a stable and fast connection. It has a built-in 800mAh battery and lasts 30 hours of playtime. Comes with 18 months warranty. Built-in call answer, volume, ANC, power of/on, and play/pause buttons.


  • Good for a long-time wearing due to the softness of the ear cushion.
  • The microphone can be used on office conference calls but may experience an echoing sound on the other side.
  • It has up to 40 feet of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The batteries are non-replaceable and the better sound quality, much comfortable, better ANC, and design.
  • It fit even XL head shape with an adjustable headband.
  • The ANC may be affected while in motion.
  • Can be used on an airplane entertainment device.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel/Work, Black

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Active Noise Cancelling technology. Significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. Advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear,enjoy your music, movies and videos. The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode.
  • Proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers. Deep, accurate bass response. The Active Noise Cancelling around-ear headphones from COWIN give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet that helps you enjoy your music better. The goal that provide Customers with better sound quality, is our constant pursuit.
  • High-quality built-in Microphone and NFC technology. COWIN E7 provides high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls, Which is convenient for you to free yourself from wires. NFC pairing aided by voice prompts, promises quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices, Powerful Bluetooth Function.
  • The professional protein earpad and 90° swiveling earcups. More durability and comfort, Enjoy high-quality, Long-listen comfort. Skin texture, lightweight comfortable around-ear fit you can wear all day long. Gentle Reminder: please take off the headphone every 2-3 hrs to get your ears relax, in order to get better hearing enjoyment, and keep the head comfortable.
  • 30 hours playtime per charge at Bluetooth mode. A built-in 750mAh battery won't allow your headphones power off, you can enjoy your world without noise for 30 hours' long time. Don't need to worry the power shortage problem on the long travel. 18-month warranty and quick response & friendly customer service. Dedicated customer service team, provide you with quick response and friendly customer service, which will always serve for you and certainly satisfy you.

The difference between Cowin E7 and Cowin E7 Pro

The Cowin E7 Pro has:

  • It has better noise cancellation
  • Entertaining sound quality
  • It is more comfortable
  • It has better design and much cooler


  • These headphones have a noise-canceling technology that will improve your entire sound experience
  • They have a very soft ear cushion for more comfort
  • They have a very strong battery life of about thirty hours


  • These headphones are expensive
  • The microphone can be affected while in motion

6. Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones over-ear Hi-Fi stereo wireless headset

Prepare to be amazed by these foldable, soft memory-protein earmuffs, built-in Mic and wired mode for PC, cell phones, and TV read pair of Mpow wireless headphones!

They are the type of headphones know to be very popular in the market places, they are very unique when it comes to noise cancellation and will give you the best sound experience you have been longing for.

The battery life is very good and will last for about twenty hours. They are very comfortable too and pretty awesome for working out.

This Mpow 059 over-ear headphone is a passive noise isolating 40mm neodymium driver with a powerful bass sound and a cushion design to seal the ears from external sound. It has some interesting features which include:


It has an around-ear cushion design for a good seal external sound. A closed-back design to help increase the sound wave and a memory-protein ear cushion for comfort. It is designed to trap sound and avoid leakage. A soft well-padded headband for a good fit that stays on without any discomfort making it more durable. A foldable headband with a carry case for easy storage and transport.


  • This is a wireless Bluetooth 4.1 over-ear headphone.
  • With a battery life of 20 hours playtime and a 10 minutes quick charge for up to 2 hours playtime.
  • An audio cable for connection with non-Bluetooth devices.
  • A built-in microphone and hands free calling feature.
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 provides a fast, stable, and 33 feet long connection.


  • To pair this Bluetooth over-ear headphone, press the center button (power button) on the right side for 5 seconds, the red and blue light will flash, turn the device Bluetooth on and search for the headphone, then connect the headphone.
  • To connect TV, follow the above instruction but make sure TV have Bluetooth connectivity. But make sure to unplug the cable from the headphone, if the cable is connected to headphones, this may affect connectivity.
  • Most functions will be affected if the cable is plugged into the headphone.
  • If your TV will not connect, get a Bluetooth connector (transmitter), this will enable smooth connections to the over-ear headset.
  • This over-ear Bluetooth headset fits comfortably for most head shapes.
  • This is not a water-resistant over-ear headphone but is design to seal off sweat. Once you use then for a workout, use a microfiber towel to wipe the ear cups to prevent sweat smell and to dry it out. Read more about Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Running.
  • This may not work with PS4 depending on when you last updated your system, some other headphones are compatible with PS4. Some developers/manufacturers update the software to deter third party connections with other headphones.
  • This over-ear wireless headphone connects to PS3.
  • This headphone will turn off if not used after 10 minutes to save battery.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset, Foldable, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuffs, w/Built-in Mic Wired Mode, for Online Class, Home Office, PC/Cell Phones/TV

$34.99  out of stock
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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Impressive Sound Quality: The High Fidelity stereo sound benefits from the 40mm driver, bluetooth 5.0, and the around-ear cushion design which provide a well-closed and immersed environment for your ears, Just lose yourself in the music
  • Upgraded 65 Hours Playtime: 059 Bluetooth headphones was upgraded the battery life to 65 hours; and you can also use it as a wired headphone with the provided audio cable so the headphones will never power off
  • Built to Stay Comfortable: The Memory Protein ear cushion simulate human skin texture, ensuring lasting comfort; The stainless steel slider and softly padded headband allows you to find the perfect fit without constraint and provide excellent durability
  • Handsfree Call and Built In Mic: Mpow Bluetooth headphones provide a quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices like Cellphones, PC, TV within 33 feet, with a high quality built-in microphone for handsfree calls
  • Foldable Design With A Portable Bag: The foldable Headband is not only designed for saving your desk space but for carrying in the provided bag; Gentle Reminder: To get wearing comfort, please take off the headphone every 2 hours to get your ears relax


  • These headphones will give you the sound of high-quality
  • They are very comfortable; you can wear them for hours without feeling any discomfort
  • They are foldable and come with a portable bag
  • The battery lasts for about 20 hours

7. Sennheiser Momentum Over-ear wireless headphones

These headphones have been highly recommended by many users, they look very attractive since they are built with premium leather and a strong metal frame plus a rustic look which makes it great.

The battery lasts for about 20 hours and what customers love most about them is that they can even be worn for days without any discomfort to the head or ears.

These headphones also have a very active noise-cancellation technology and a very good Bluetooth connectivity range of 30ft. Read more about Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation- Black

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Noise Gard hybrid active noise cancellation blocks ambient noise using 4 microphones for ultimate isolation to dramatically improve sound quality in noisy environments. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • 22 hour battery life with both Bluetooth and Noise Gard activated to ensure performance during long commutes or plane flights
  • Technology uses 2 built in microphones working seamlessly to improve voice quality and remove external noise during phone calls
  • 2-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer. Very important please note: Detachable cable must be inserted into headphone until it "clicks" and twisted clockwise (to the right) to lock the cable in place
  • Its especially low profile was optimized for the use on mobile devices. Fitted with jack plugs on both ends, the cable is completely detachable and can be replaced if necessary


  • These are very easy to use
  • Have a very strong battery life
  • They very good at noise cancellation


  • They are very expensive

8. Jabra move wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphones

These speakers have a 29 Ohm impedance and a speaker max input power of 80mw, the sound performance of these headphones are crisp and balanced, the mids and highs are pretty awesome too, the design of the headphones is very attractive and simple, it is among our top best wireless over-ear headphones.

The battery will last for about 8 hours at high volumes which is something most customers hate about these headphones.

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphones - Black

$29.95  in stock
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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Listen to your tunes and never miss a call
  • Ultra lightweight and adjustable headband fits all head types
  • Durable stainless steel headband and dirt resistant fabric for life on the move, 40 millimeter Dynamic Drivers
  • Connects to all Bluetooth ready devices , phones, computers, tablets and more; includes optional cord so you can use your headphones on flights; Easy pairing
  • Up to 8 hours talk time/music time and up to 12 days standby time.Stream Two Devices with Multi use ; Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Connectivity


  • They produce great sound for the price
  • The Bluetooth signal is awesome
  • They have a bold design and are lightweight and easy to carry around


  • They are expensive
  • The battery lasts for only 8 hours on moderate volume

9. Sony WH-1000Xm3 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone

These are an over the ear wireless Bluetooth headphones with a microphone, Hi-Res audio, and a very active sound cancellation technology, the battery lasts for about 30 hours and the wireless range of Bluetooth connectivity is 30FT.

One feature loved mostly by customers about these set of wireless headphones is the three mode tricks these headphones have, the ambient noise mode, the quick attention mode, and the LDAC codec, these are for different levels of music enjoyment. Read more about Bluedio Headphones.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headset with Mic for phone-call and Alexa Voice Control - Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation – Black

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • DIGITAL NOISE CANCELING: Industry leading ANC lends a personalized, virtually soundproof experience
  • PHONE CALL: A built-in mic enables you to take hands-free calls.
  • VOICE ASSISTANT: Alexa enabled for voice access to music, information and more. Activate with a simple touch
  • QUICK ATTENTION MODE: Cover the right ear cup to turn down your music for instant, easy conversation
  • PERSONAL NOISE CANCELLING: Adjusts ambient sound to your activity for the best noise cancellation


  • They have a noise-cancellation technology
  • They have 3 mode function for different levels of music enjoyment
  • They have broad and clear sounding audio
  • They have a long battery life
  • Built-in Alexa


  • The design is very common
  • They are expensive
  • Hinges are fragile and require careful handling

10. Sennheiser PXC 550

These headphones have an awesome battery life of 30 hours and are a great choice when it comes to sound quality. They have a very good noise cancellation technology and a Bluetooth wireless range of 30ft.

When powered on these headphones will automatically pair to the last connected device via Bluetooth 4.2 And will remember two devices at a time.

The design of the headphones is very attractive but simple and a lot of customers love that.

Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless – NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone with Touch Sensitive Control and 30-Hour Battery Life

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as of September 3, 2022 5:16 am


  • Superior sound quality and active noise cancellation: The PXC 550-II Wireless delivers Sennheiser legendary sound quality. Active noise cancellation reduces the ambient noise around you and can be adjusted to your preference
  • Exceptional battery performance up to 30 hours: The PXC 550-II Wireless delivers up to 30 hours of battery life. You can travel from London to Hong Kong and back with just one charge
  • One touch access to voice assistant: With the touch of a single button you have access to your AI helper: Siri, Hey Google and Alexa
  • Touch pad control: A touch pad on the right ear cup provides volume, play, stop, pause and track skipping control. Touching the ear cup allows you to take an incoming call. Controlling this headset is instinctive and easy
  • Smart pause (activated via the app), auto on:off: Swivel the ear cups to turn off, sensors detect when you wear the headphone and play, pause music


  • They have great 30 hours battery life with noise-canceling
  • They are well designed and attractive
  • They produce great and quality sound
  • Has a sensitive touch control pad


  • These headphones are expensive

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