What Should I Look For When Buying Computer Speakers.

Computer speakers add a great feel to your work station audio sound system and when your computer doubles as your project editing station and a place to watch something on your computer, you need a good set of computer speakers. But, what should you really be looking for If you are planning on buying a good set of pc speakers?

There are a few things you need to know and consider when choosing a pair of computer speakers. Are you looking for desktop speakers with surround sound or are you up for 2.1 speakers? How about the portability, distortion ratio, connectivity options, and price range? All of these factors make up your decision making tree before you settle for the best desktop speakers for your PC.

What Type Of Speakers Do You Want? Surround speakers (5.1) or 2.1 Speakers?

The first step in buying computer speakers is figuring out whether you want surround sound or not. This choice is influenced by a lot of factors like space constraints and a budget to even what your primary use of these speakers are going to be for. A lot of game lovers prefer the 5.1 surround sound experience as it adds the thrill and the excitement that games provide. 

5.1 Speakers 

This 5.1 system has a subwoofer and 5 speakers. For one to purchase this, you must make sure you have enough space. Sound is spread evenly by surround speakers. In reference to this, you have to know that most companies do not make bundle stands hence you can make your own or purchase from any shop. 

If you see that that there’s not enough space for the 5.1 system, you can always opt for the 2.1 system which includes a subwoofer and two speakers as this system requires little space, and the audio quality it provides in almost as fantastic as the 5.1 system provides. Many manufacturers provide both 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems like the Logitech, Altec, and Creative companies.  

One thing you have to know is that you will need a sound card that supports a 5.1 speakers system if you want surround sound. The good thing is most onboard audio solutions support 5.1. It sure is a lot of work to get this system finally set and running but once you start watching movies and playing games on your computer with surround sound, you will enjoy the experience so much.

 A good 5.1 system will equip you with all the benefits of surround sound when watching movies or playing games. The experience is just fantastic, hearing everything while playing a game or hearing all the sounds from a movie. Do this if this is what you love doing m a 2.1 speakers system is more appropriate for an occasional gamer or movie watcher. 

2.1 or Stereo

A 2.1 speakers system has two speakers and one subwoofer. Space is not much of a problem when it comes to this speaker but maybe sometimes a concern might arise due to space where your computer sits. Sometimes there might be not enough space for the subwoofer which can be pretty large sometimes.

No worries, there is a solution to almost everything, you can opt for a stereo speaker system that does not require a subwoofer. Maybe you worried about little bass from the stereo system, but this is not the case as they provide a good bass response and some even have a woofer built into the speaker cabinet itself. 

These speakers are good for music and most casual users. A good 2.1 set like the Sony SRS-D211 2.1 will do the trick just fine and they are not expensive at all. When we come to stereo speakers, the Audioengine two speakers provide quite a great sound.  


The best decision you can make is to get a set of speakers that come with a remote. The thing is, not all models come with a remote and if you like to be on the couch, this is definitely something you need to take into consideration.

Some basic models come with control of which is directly wired to the speakers. Make sure to always check if the controls are analog or digital. If it is analog, due to wear and tear as time goes by, the volume dial gets spoiled.

Make sure to also check what kind of functions the remote or control hub provides, except the plain volume control like the mute button. 

Check for Distortion

You can buy yourself really a variety of cheap speaker sets but this is a very easy way to get ripped off. When buying the speakers, make sure you test the audio quality that comes out from these super-budget speakers as at some points they can be made from cheap materials and components.

Keep an eye for telltale signs of bad design or any form of poor audio like speaker cabinet vibrations or abrasive sounds that arise at high volumes, that is a crackling sound in higher frequencies or distorted bass. You might buy a product from a reputable brand, make sure you still test them as they might have the same problem due to low power.  


Wireless speakers are the best, you can purchase such speakers if your budget allows. In the case that you are going for a wired system, you should at all costs avoid pre-attached wires as they might result in tangling and untangling wires and the maintenance job can be rather tiresome and it’s definitely something you would not want to go through. It can be quite a task to set up a 5.1 speakers system. 

Make sure to also check for other important qualities like whether the speakers have a headphone out or an extra line in. When you are buying a 5.1 system, it is also of paramount importance to check if it has a digital audio input. There’s no need to buy an additional sound card for your PC if it has this digital audio input as it will do the decoding itself. 

Other factors that you need to consider when buying computer speakers

Follow mass consumer reviews not what you are told by enthusiasts

Take, for instance, if some particular speaker has sold more than 1000 units in the past quarter and consumers have given it a 5-star rating, be assured that it is worth being bought. A lot of tech review websites might be affiliated with a particular product hence they receive money to recommend the particular product.  


If you have a budget of fewer than 50 dollars, or you just do not want to spend more than 50 dollars on buying computer speakers, you can go for a quality and basic two-speaker system. You can still go for a 5.1 speaker system with this budget but be assured that it is likely to be cheap and from an unproven brand. It is wise to use the money and buy a basic two-speaker system which is of great quality and produces fantastic sound and lasts.  

Below are some of the well-known computer speakers brand



Altec Lansing

Harmon Kardon


Functionality and Device Compatibility

It is important to check the compatibility of the speakers with your computer. If you do not consider this fact you might end up buying speakers which are not compatible with your computer. In some instances, you might need to play music from your smartphone, tablet or even television.  

Don’t spend a lot of money on PC speakers…

Expensive does not always mean great quality sound. You can choose to spend a lot of money on speakers if you have a lot of money to spend. Speakers are less future proof which is tricky, next year there might be a better and updated version of the speaker that you have and if you wasted a lot of money on the speaker that you have, you might regret or feel some kind of loss.  

Consider portability and adaptability

A perfect setup for your PC room is amazing but it might go sideways if the other year you move to a different place, home and the likes. You definitely need to consider portability and adaptability.   

More speakers is not always better

Although a 5.1 speaker system is all nice and all and assures you of getting a great surround sound, it might definitely not be the best audio experience. The sound coming from different angles is fantastic but optimal distance and speaker placement are factors that need to come into consideration. Keep in mind of the room you will be placing the speakers in, because a 2.1 speaker system can even produce better sound in a certain room and it does not take much effort to set up.   

Consider the accessories

Yes, most of the accessories that come with PC speakers do not play much of a role but sometimes it is important to consider accessories like the system having a remote control.

More wattage does not always equate to more volume

Engineering, construction and other design factors are other factors that you need to consider as they play a vital role as proven by Bose. 


Computer speakers add a feel to the experience when watching a movie or playing games. You need to consider the connectivity, check for distortion, the type of speakers you want to buy and many other factors if you are to buy the right computer speakers. 

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