What Is The Best SteelSeries Mouse [Best Steelseries Review 2021]

What is the best SteelSeries mouse

Steelseries gaming mouse is a well-styled unique gaming mouse design that is probably one the best there is on the gaming accessories market in recent years. With so many mouse options and choices, it can be confusing to figure out which is the best Steelseries mouse for your gaming needs. Luckily, my recent research drilled down and finding the best Steelseries mouse for FPS (first-person shooter) as well as MMO (massively multiplayer online game). While you are here, also look at some of our Best Gaming Chair With Massage And Footrest to compliment your gaming experience.

The SteelSeries Sensei Ten is the best Steelseries gaming mouse. The Steelseries Sensei is a wired gaming mouse with excellent performance and has a very wide, customizable CPI range that most gamers adore. 

It boasts easy access buttons on both the left and right sides and has a symmetrical shape, making it ambidextrous for both small and large hands. Each of the ten buttons is fully programmable with the SteelSeries Engine 3.

Steelseries Sensei Review 

The sensei is very similar to the Xai. The sensei has some updated features of the Xai. So, we can say it’s an upgrade of the xai, and the mouse has a lot of features. These features also allow you to make some adjustments to the mouse. The mouse also has lighting that makes its design look even better. The sensei has an ambidextrous design, has programmable buttons except for the CPI button which is not programmable.


  • ADNS9500 Laser sensor
  • 1 to 5700 CPI
  • LCD screen
  • Ambidextrous shape
  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • 8 buttons including scroll
  • Dimensions: 125.2 x 68.3 x 38.7 mm
  • Weighs 102g
  • Prism RGB illumination with up to 16.7 million colors
  • 30 million clicks life span
  • 2m cable
  • 1ms polling rate
  • 150 IPS
  • Zero hardware acceleration

Design and build quality

The mouse weighs 102g and the dimensions 125.2 x 68.3 x 38.7 mm. The mouse has a round top that is metalized. The shape of this mouse is ambidextrous (meaning you can use both left and right hands). The mouse is glossy and silver in color and has a glowing logo at the base, which is orange-yellow in color. There is also a scroll wheel that has stripes. The stripes on the scroll wheel are also orange-yellow in color. The mouse also has a LED button beneath it, and a control panel that you can use to change the colors. 

The SteelSeries Sensei mouse has sides made of rubber; this ensures there is a firm grip on the mouse. The mouse also has a smooth front which ensures anti-slippage when your hands are sweating after using it for a lot of hours. The mouse has buttons on the left side and right side which are standard buttons and a scroll wheel.  

The mouse also has a DPI switch button that allows you to change the CPI, it is located beneath the scroll wheel. The mouse also has an LCD and Teflon feet pads on the bottom which allows the mouse to move smoothly on all surfaces. It is also suitable for people who use claw grip and fingertip grip. The mouse also uses a braided cable that ensures that there is no resistance.

best SteelSeries mouse
Source: SteelSeries


The SteelSeries sensei has three zones of lighting. These zones are the SteelSeries Logo, the scroll wheel, and the CPI indicator. You can use the steel engine software to change the colors of the lighting. It gives you up to 16.7 million colors that you can choose from. With the software you can also change the effects of lights, you can change whether a solid color should be displayed or put a breathing effect, and more


This mouse uses SteelSeries engine software which makes it possible for you to program the buttons. The software also allows you to change the lighting to any color you want and the installation of the software is easy. To program the buttons, there is a button tab after opening the software that lets you reprogram the buttons. 

The software also allows you to adjust the CPI, you can do this by going to the settings tab. You can also change the polling rate of this mouse using the software, it also allows you to change the LED effects. The SteelSeries software also allows you to set game-specific profiles. With this software, you can also change the acceleration settings. 


The mouse has 8 programmable buttons, it contains a scroll wheel, the left, and right buttons, DPI switch that you can use to change the DPI of the mouse. The mouse also has two side buttons that or are located on the right side and two other buttons located on the left side. 


When it comes to the performance, the SteelSeries sensei performs accurately. The mouse ensures that you have a higher chance of winning the games by giving you a lot of features to help with that. The mouse’s ambidextrous and ergonomic shape ensures that you can play games for a long hour without facing any problems related to gaming fatigue. When it comes to tracking movements, the mouse tracks movements very well and the Teflon pads ensure that it smoothly glides on most surfaces. Features like ExactSens, ExactAim, Exactlift, etc allow giving a good aim, acceleration, and a lot of things that can greatly improve your gaming experience. 

Features and details of SteelSeries sensei mouse

  1. The mouse uses plug n play for connectivity. It does not require you to download any special drivers so that it can work on your device. 
  2. It has an ambidextrous shape that makes it suitable for both left-handed gamers and right-handed gamers.
  3. The SteelSeries sensei boasts a 32bit Arm processor. This processor ensures that all functions are performed well.
  4. The processor performs a lot of functions, it also ensures that you don’t have to install drivers or other software in order to use the mouse.
  5. The mouse also allows you to edit profiles that are already saved on the mouse without using the software. You can do this by holding down the CPI button for a few seconds then releasing it. 
  6. The mouse contains other features such as FreeMove, Exactlift, ExactSens, and Exact aim. The Freemove feature lets you choose if you want the mouse to try to give you precise movements that you wanted to do. 
  7. The Exact aim feature helps to give you an accurate aim which would be helpful in games that require accurate aimings like Rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting games. ExactSens adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse between 1-5700 CPI. 
  8. The mouse also has firmware and macros. The macros allow you to change some of the mouse profiles, whereas the firmware allows you to change some functionalities, such as how the sensor works. It has 3 lighting zones and a logo. The scroll wheel and the indicator button. The mouse allows you to adjust its lift-off distance.
best SteelSeries mouse
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  • The mouse contains a lot of customizable features; this gives you a customizable performance.
  • It has an ambidextrous shape and can be used by right-handed gamers and left-handed gamers.
  • It contains 3 illumination zones and lets you choose the colors.
  • Uses SteelSeries engine software that allows further customization.
  • Contains programmable buttons.
  • Great performance.


  • It is expensive

Is the Steel Series Sensei a good gaming Mouse?

In order to know what a good mouse is there are a lot of things that you need to consider when you are buying a mouse. These include both technical specifications and non-technical specifications. 

The features that the mouse has play an important role, so you should also look at the hardware features and software features too.

Some of the most important things to look for include: the design of the mouse, this allows you to be sure that the mouse is best suited for your hand type or not. 

Some gaming mouse are designed for righties or lefties only like left-handed gaming mice, while some are designed for both. You should also look at the type of connectivity either wireless or wired depending on what you want. The SteelSeries sensei has an ambidextrous shape that allows it to be used by righties and lefties.

Some gaming mouse use wireless connectivity while others use wired connectivity. When choosing wireless mouse choose the one with a reliable connection and a wide range like the Logitech G502 lightspeed. If you choose a wired mouse, it is better to choose a mouse that contains a braided cable because this helps reduce resistance. The Steel series sensei also features a braided cable, and this ensures that there is no resistance.

Customization is an important feature for gamers. As a gamer, you may need to reprogram some of the buttons on the mouse for easy access. Therefore, if this is the case, you should consider getting a mouse that has programmable buttons.  

The SteelSeries sensei gives you a lot of customizable features from the buttons, to the lighting and the macros. With this mouse, you can save profiles, edit profiles, change the lighting and the effects, and reprogram the buttons.

Another most important feature to consider is the type of sensors that the mouse uses. The sensor will determine how the mouse responds and tracks movements. The SteelSeries sensei uses a laser sensor. This ensures accurate tracking of movements; it also has a good CPI and the Teflon pads ensure smooth movement of the mouse.

When choosing a mouse, you also need to consider the additional features that the mouse has to offer, features that help to give you a competitive advantage over your opponent. The SteelSeries sensei offers a lot of good features such as ExactAim, ExactSens, Exactlift, and many more. 


With all the above-mentioned features, designs, and functionalities of the Steelseries Sensai, it is no doubt that this gaming mouse has all it takes to deliver a clean unique gaming experience for gamers. The mouse offers a lot of great things that players would like in a gaming mouse. These would also improve the gaming experience of the gamers. The mouse is priced higher than most gaming mice on the market, but what it offers makes it worth the price. 




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