What Is Better Bose or Sonos Soundbar?

What Is Better Bose or Sonos Soundbar

Which soundbar is better Sonos or Bose? This is where quality meets quality, a head-on comparison between the two best-loved audio systems, the Sonos vs Bose. This article will cover so many topics and so many unanswered questions customers are asking. We will discuss most Bose speakers and Sonos speakers, do a few comparisons, and provide product links for interested buyers. But first, the soundbar will be our first speaker reviews for these brands.

Here are the list of Bose vs Sonos comparisons

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What is better Bose or Sonos soundbar? Before we go on, remember that a soundbar is one of the most important devices we recommend anyone should have in their home. Soundbars provide a better home audio experience that hardly the TV can deliver. See a soundbar as the better voice of your TV system. This is why most television comes with compatible soundbars like the Samsung Smart TV (Alexa Built-in) with HW-Q60T Soundbar. Just not any soundbar but quality soundbars are my ideal recommendations like Sonos and Bose. Which one is a good choice between Bose or Sonos soundbars? To come to a conclusion, we compare both of these soundbars. 

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Bose Soundbar 700 vs Sonos Playbar

The Bose soundbar 700 and Sonos playbar are very good soundbars that will give you those hard to find great sound quality. Both the Sonos and Bose are in the same price range. They are different but have some similar features.  

The Sonos playbar and the Bose soundbar 700 have the same shape. But most of their physical features are not the same. The Bose 700 is a little shorter as compared to the Sonos playbar. 

When it comes to the design, both the Sonos playbar and the Bose soundbar 700 have the same design. The Sonos playbar has the colors silver and black while the Bose only has black. These two are different in such a way that the Bose contains a lot of inputs as compared to the Sonos playbar. Such inputs include HDMI ports, optical cable port, USB ports, ethernet cable port, and more. While the Sonos only has an ethernet port, an optical port, and the power adapter port 4.

The Bose soundbar 700 is equipped with remote control for operating the soundbar, and you can control your TV with the remote, but the Sonos playbar does not come with any remote control. You can use your Tv remote control to control the playbar after configuring it so that it also works for the playbar. 

The sound quality is one of the main features that determine what soundbar you should get. Here the Bose soundbar 700 and the Sonos playbar have similar sound quality even though Sonos has deep bass. The bass that they deliver is also good, but those who like extra bass may need to get a subwoofer for that extra bass. The Bose soundbar 700 and Sonos playbar both works with a subwoofer, you can choose to buy one if you want extra bass for these two speakers.

When it comes to smart technology support, both Sonos playbar and Bose soundbar 700 are compatible with Amazon Alexa. This allows you to conveniently control your speaker using your voice. With Bose, you can directly stream music from websites like Spotify and pandora.

The Sonos playbar soundbar can be connected to other Sonos that you have in your house while the Bose does not provide multiroom audio.

The Bose 700 soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity, apple airplay 2, and near field communication. This ensures that you can stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth compatible device. The near field communication ensures that your device instantly connects to the speaker when you are near it. 

When it comes to mobile applications both Sonos and Bose use mobile applications. With these applications, you are able to change some settings and control your devices. The apps are also user-friendly and do not need you to have a lot of experience in order to use them. The apps are compatible with both android and iOS devices. 

These apps have a lot of good features. The Sonos mobile app includes an alarm feature, but Bose mobile app lacks this feature. If you are looking for this feature Sonos is a better choice. 

Bose soundbar 700 vs Sonos Beam

The Bose soundbar 700 and Sonos Beam are very good soundbars around with sound like no other. Both soundbars’ performances are unique with one of the best soundbar techs and customizable features through smartphone apps.

The Bose 700 Soundbar height is 2.25in while Sonos Beam is 2.7in. Soundbar 700 is a stand-alone speaker while Beam is both stand-alone and wall mountable. The audio format for Soundbar 700 is Dolby Digital and DTS, while Beam is Dolby Digital.

The soundbar 700 has QuietPort technology, Elegant lightbar, built-in Alexa, and ADAPTiQ. While the Beam has Alexa voice control, Speach enhancement, Apple airplay compatible, WiFi connectivity for multiple rooms, and far-field microphones. The two Soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity.

Bose soundbar 700 interfaces are HDMI, eARC, CEC, Optical TOSlink, and USB input. The Sonos Beam has HDMI, Optical audio input and ethernet.

Bose soundbar 700 vs Sonos Arc

Here is another comparison between Bose soundbar 700 vs Sonos Arc. These two soundbars have been designed and built for quality, durability, functionality, and integration. I am certainly amazed by the sound output of these two, but let us go into the main similarities and differences.

The Sonos arc is somehow taller than the Bose soundbar 700. The soundbar 700 has four drivers and a tweeter, with a QuietPort for bass, while the Sonos arc has 11 amplifiers with two upward-facing drivers, three tweeters, and eight woofers. That’s a big difference in sound. The Arc is a 5.0.2 soundbar channel while Soundbar 700 is a standards 3.0.0 soundbar channel.

The Arc projects surround sound sphere with the drivers and can also direct sounds upwards, while Soundbar 700 uses PhaseGuide transducers to mimic surround sound and direct it virtually and horizontally in any direction. As a stand-alone soundbar, the Sonos arc uses its 8 woofers to produce good bass even without a sub, but the Bose soundbar 700 doesn’t produce such powerful bass without a sub.

Sonos arc vs Bose 700, both soundbars support ARC and eARC so you can stream to your Tv. The Sonos arc supports Dolby Amos, MAT, Dolby Digital Plus, and TrueHD formats, while the Bose soundbar 700 supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats.

The Arc has no remote control, instead, you can control it with a Sonos app on your smartphone to control the sound and music apps, while the Soundbar 700 uses a universal remote and app.

You can buy separate subwoofers to support the sound of these speakers if you want more bass. Only the Soundbar 700 has Bluetooth connectivities. Both have an ethernet port, optical port, and built-in voice assistant with Alexa and AirPlay 2.

Bose soundbar 500 vs Sonos Playbar

Here is another interesting comparison, the Bose soundbar 500 vs Sonos playbar. These are interesting soundbars and a must-have if you love quality and detail. The Sonos playbar can produce more deep bass and stereo soundstage with enhanced features than the soundbar 500. The Bose soundbar 500 has Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI ports, while the Sonos playbar has none.

They are both 3.0 channel, has Dolby Digital and optical digital inputs. The Sonos playbar connects wirelessly to other Sonos subwoofer and surrounds, it has three dome tweeters, and 6 midrange drivers, while the Bose 500 uses a 3.5 mm cable to connect to others, has tweeters, 3 cone midrange, and no woofer. The Sonos playbar enclosure uses an acoustic suspension, while Bose 500 uses a bass reflex.

Both Sonos playbar and Bose soundbar 500 has a built-in Alexa and google assistant. Both soundbars can be controlled using an app, and are also wall mountable. Only the Bose 500 has Airplay 2.

Bose soundbar 700 vs Sonos playbase

The comparison between these two soundbars Sonos playbase vs Bose soundbar 700, we will analyze the similarities and differences.

Bose soundbar 700 is a bar design while Sonos playbase is a platform. The soundbar 700 has a 3.1 channel while the playbase has a 3.1 channel. They both have Dolby Digital and both don’t have Dolby Atmos. The Sonos playbase has no DTS, but the Bose 700 has DTS. Sonos playbase has a dialogue enhancement and virtual surround, while Bose 700 has a reflective virtual surround.

Both the Bose 700 and Sonos playbase have optical digital inputs. But only Bose 700 has HAMI ARC input. For Sonos playbase, it connects to other speakers and subwoofer wireless, while Bose soundbar 700 uses a 3.5mm cable.

Sonos playbase has three dome tweeters, six midrange drivers, an optional wireless subwoofer, acoustic suspension enclosure. The Bose soundbar 700 has one dome tweeter, and four cones, and a bass reflex enclosure. Both speakers have a remote control, a built-in Alexa and Google assistant, and Airplay 2. They are also controlled by Apple and Android apps. Only the Bose 700 has HDMI output, Bluetooth connectivity and it is wall mountable.

Bose soundbar 500 vs Sonos beam

The Bose soundbar 500 fits discreetly under the TV and has an Alexa built-in and sounds really good. The Sonos beam is rich with sound from games, movies, fits ii discreetly, and audio that completely fills the room.

Bose Soundbar 500 is light, has a slick design, LEDs, amazing sound, and fits in any home design. The Sonos beam has very smart design, sturdy, very good sound quality fits well in any room and has options to pair it with surrounds or subwoofers.

They are both tabletop speakers and stand-alone, but Sonos is wall mountable. They both have Dolby Digital and can be controlled with a smartphone app. The Bose 500 has Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi, while Sonos only connect with other speakers wirelessly.

Bose 500 has HDMI Output, eARC, CEC, Optical TOSLink, USB input interfaces, while Sonos beam has optical audio input Ethernet and HDMI interfaces.

Sonos subwoofer vs Bose subwoofer

Here is another comparison between the Sonos sub vs Bose sub. The subwoofer helps to increase the bass of any sound system. But among these two subwoofers, the Sonos Sub is worth every penny and the best subwoofer to buy.

The reason for this is that Sonos sub has two Class-D digital amplifiers, two force cancelling speaker drivers for a deeper sound. It can be placed upright or on the side and compatible with Alexa voice assistant devices.

The Sonos sub and Bose sub can be used as home theater surround and music. The Sonos Sub can be paired with either surround speakers, the Beam soundbar, the playbar, or playbase soundbars. The Bose sub can be paired with soundbar 700 and Bose surround speakers.

The Sonos sub has a cube shape design with a hole in the center and choice of colors, while the Bose sub has a tempered glass top with a choice of colors.

The Bose sub has an integrated audio amplifier with active amplification, while Sonos sub has a 2 Class-D digital amplifier, 2 force-canceling speaker drivers, richer sound, and a built-in tweeter. The both have equalizers, but only the Sonos has equalizer auto-adjust.

Only the Sonos sub has a far field microphone array and microphone LED.

Bose sub has a 3.5mm audio input ports, while Sonos sub has dual acoustic. Both subs have wireless connectivity, and Sonos can be connected using WiFi. Both work with Alexa when paired with Alexa compatible devices like soundbars.

Sonos subwoofer pros

  • It has a deep rich base more than Bose subwoofer
  • Can be easily set up using the Sonos app
  • When paired with other Sonos soundbars, it creates the perfect home theater experience
  • It is compatible with Alexa
  • It has a self-adjusting equalizer
  • It auto-adjusts and optimizes the sound to match or fit the room size

Bose sunbwoofer pros

  • The design if beautiful with a glass top
  • It has a dramatic bass sound that is rich and deep
  • It can easily be setup
  • Easy to pair with other Bose soundbars and surround speakers.
  • It is compatible with Alexa devices.


What Is Better Bose or Sonos Soundbar? When it comes to comparing Sonos vs Bose soundbars, the Bose soundbar has features that Sonos does not have. Sonos soundbars also have features Bose soundbars do not have. When it comes to sound, the Sonos has far better sound than Bose soundbars, this is because it produces good surround sound. Bose has a better frequency response as compared to the Sonos, more accurate than the Sonos. Bose has Bluetooth connectivity and more inputs than the Sonos soundbar. The surround sound offered by the Bose is very good, although it does require a subwoofer to produce require deep bass.


What Is Better Bose or Sonos Soundbar


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