The 10 Best Tweeters

What are the best Tweeters?

When dealing with sound systems, it is very important to consider the value of tweeters in sound production. Great mid-range and awesome subs will not perform all the wonders if great music without well selected and installed tweeters.

When listening to music, it must be clear, you must be able to hear all the lyrics, instruments, horns, riffs, claps and other details meant to make the music sound completely awesome, the right tweeters are responsible for making all that happen.

How do you identify the best Tweeters for your car audio system?

As said before, tweeters are there to make your music listening experience sound clear and great, they are designed to improve stereo sensitivity and sound staging, and to ensure they do their job well, the manufacturers make them into different shapes using different materials.

So if you understand more about these two factors, you will then choose the best Tweeters for your sound systems. Below we have listed more factors which will guide you into buying the best Tweeters for your needs.

1. Choose a tweeter made from the right materials

The material used to make the tweeter has an impact on the sound quality of the Tweeter’s durability. So choose materials such as textile blends, silk or poly because they are smooth and they give more refined sound.

You will as well get warm and smooth highs in your Audio sounds.
There are also some tweeters that are made with hard materials such as ceramics, graphite, and metal, these are durable and produces stronger and brighter sound even at the highest volumes, which is totally awesome.

2. Choose the right shape of the tweeter

The shape of the tweeter has an impact on its effectiveness in distributing high frequencies in the car, the most common shape of the tweeter are a cone, semi-cone, dome, and semi-dome.

3. Choose a tweeter with the right power handling and impedance.

The best high-quality tweeters are those that lie within the 25w – 59w RMS power range which is fairly awesome. However, if it happens that you find one with a higher power rating and also matches perfectly well with your system’s power handling, then go for it, it’s completely perfect.

Overall, choosing the best tweeters starts with understanding the system’s requirements and then considering your listening desires as well.

With all that said, we can go back to our main topic, what are the best tweeters available on the market?

If you are here then it must mean you have never bought a car tweeter before or you must be looking for some clear advice on what you should be looking for when buying the right tweeters.

If that’s the case, then you are definitely at the right place, this guide is for you.

Below we have listed the best tweeters available on the market, scroll down and take a look, by the time you finish, you should feel more informed and readier to make the right choice for your audio’s needs.

1. Infinity Kappa 3/4

Best Tweeters
Infinity Kappa 3/4

This pair of tweeters have a high level of sensitivity, which means higher performance levels, they also provide an increased output in comparison to other tweeters available on the market.

These tweeters are of high quality, the installation is very easy, they include flush mounting it surfaces mounting depending in your preferences.


  • They use high-quality parts in the manufacturing process
  • They are durable
  • They have 3/4″ soft dome tweeter
  • They have a 20hns impedance
  • Its frequency response is 3500,- 35000Hz


  • The power handling is not very high
  • They are soft and warm at low volumes but may distort at higher volumes

2. Alpine SPS-11TW

Best Tweeters
Alpine SPS-11TW

These tweeters deliver clear sound quality, they take every single detail of the music and make sure you hear and enjoy it. They have 100watt continuous power handling and fairly high sensitivity of 88dB.

These tweeters aim to make sure that you get a nearly perfect listening experience, they are made of high-efficiency silk diaphragm which is crisply designed to produce a smooth clear sound all the time.


  • They have a very high power handling
  • They have rich high-frequency performance
  • They make dull and unfocused sound, sound brighter and more precise
  • The package includes mounting hardware which makes installation easier


  • The tweeters tend to roll off at loud volumes
  • They don’t play as high as some tweeters

3. Polk Audio DB 100- For strong and precise highs

Best Tweeters
Polk Audio DB 100- For strong and precise highs

These tweeters have great power handling capacity rated at 120 watts EMS and 360-watt speaker power, they ensure that your sound quality is clear and allows you to enjoy the musical nuances you have been missing from your Audio System.

These tweeters are as well made of durable materials and the construction is durable too.


  • They produce excellent smooth sound
  • They have a durable and attractive design
  • They have a great efficiency of 9303dB
  • They are marine certified


  • They lack in-built tweeter attenuating settings
  • They have 4kHz Lowe frequency limit which may not be suitable for some audio systems.
  • They expensive as compared to other tweeters

4. JBL GTO19T premium

Best Tweeters
JBL GTO19T premium

The JBL tweeters are a prime consideration when you need to quickly replace your blown tweeter. They are of high quality and produce the audio sound of high quality as well.

The JBL tweeters have more power drawing ability with 3-ohm impedance, they have soft dome with oversized voice coils, have a great performance attribute and also they are built in strong, carbon composite, a non-magnetic basket that is able to maintain their precision and integrity all the time.


  • They deliver strong clear-highs
  • They have high power handling
  • They have a 3ohm impedance
  • They have compact in-line crossovers included


  • The power handling is slightly lower as compared to other tweeters available on the market

5. Kicker 43CST204

Best Tweeters
Kicker 43CST204

These tweeters are excellent for Crystal clear sound, without even having to lower the bass levels. Even though they are a bit small, they have the potential to deliver up to 100watts power handling capacity which ensures that the vocals and instruments in your music are not diminished by low frequencies even at the highest volumes.


  • They are excellent for Crystal clear sound
  • They provide great acoustic control
  • They have a durable built design


  • the crossover slope is 6dB instead of 12dB like other Tweeters
  • There’s no mesh to cover the tweeters done

6. New Boss Audio TW-30

Best Tweeters
New Boss Audio TW-30

These tweeters have high sensitivity and a smooth and excellent frequency design to make sure you enjoy clear sound quality all the time, it also had a significantly higher rating of 100dB and only needs little energy to produce loud and strong highs.

These tweeters also have an exceptionally dynamic bass response, they use strontium magnets which enables the tweeters to reproduce dynamic bass sound from the small voice coil.


  • Have very high efficiency
  • Have extended frequency response
  • Have high power handling
  • Have the ability to work with both high power and low power systems


  • May heat up at high power application
  • They may need expert installation

7. Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S

Best Tweeters
Rockford Fosgate Prime R1T-S

These tweeters make your music more exciting without grating on your ears, they are highly effective even with lower powered systems.


  • The frequency response is well above 20kHz
  • Adds plenty of shimmers and shine to the sound
  • They have more accurate highs than other tweeters
  • They are affordable
  • They are made of durable materials


  • They have low sensitivity of 72dB
  • They blur a little at high volumes

8. Pioneer TS-B350 pro

Best Tweeters
Pioneer TS-B350 pro

This is one of the highly recommended tweeters available on the market for great performance and great sound quality.


  • They are bigger than most tweeters
  • They are affordable and budget friendly
  • Have wider frequency response than other tweeters
  • Have high power handling

9. Infinity Ref-075TX

Best Tweeters
Infinity Ref-075TX

These tweeters bring on the clarity to your music by adding sufficient high-frequency details to your sound, they are small but do a very big job, they are as well reputed with high dedication to great sound production.


  • They produce great clear sound
  • They are easy to install
    -They have 2500 Hz passive line levels crossovers
  • They have high sensitivity of 93dB
  • They are budget friendly.


  • They have low power handling
  • Their design is not attractive

10. Power Acoustik NB-2 200 watts 3-way tweeters

Best Tweeters
Power Acoustik NB-2 200 watts 3-way tweeters

These tweeters are an affordable option for those on a tight budget, they are of great quality and produce clear sound even at high volumes.


  • Enhances a wide range of audio systems
  • Produces clear sound
  • Uses Niobium rare earth ferroelectric transducer magnet
  • They budget friendly


  • They have low power handling
  • The crossover slope is 6dB instead of 12dB like other Tweeters


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