V-Moda Boompro Vs Antlion Modmic Microphones

V-Moda Boompro Vs Antlion Modmic Microphones

When it comes to choosing a good microphone, the choices are endless. There are so many microphones out there that have great capabilities and cool features such as the v-moda boompro and antlion modmic. In this article, I will guide you on a step by step reviews of the v-moda boompro vs antlion modmic. Here are my recent reviews on V-Moda Boom Pro vs Sony wh-1000xm3, Which One Is Better? Also, other related reviews are for Philips SHP9500 With The V-Moda Boom Pro.

Picking the right microphone will greatly depend on what you want to use it for, either a game microphone or a movie microphone. You can’t buy a movie mic to use it in the studio, because it has different characteristics and of course, it is specifically manufactured for different uses. 

The two microphones that have caught our attention and those of many gamers are the v-moda boompro vs modmic. There are other quality attachable boom microphones I will like to talk about, but for now, the two most wanted attachable boom microphones are the V-moda boompro and Antlion ModMic.

One just can’t seem to find the difference between each one of them. The quality that you get from both of these microphones is very similar, but only slightly different as most people may argue. 

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Do you want to buy a microphone? Can’t seem to make up your mind on whether you should pick the Antlion ModMic or V-moda Boompro? Well, this article will give you all the information that you need. I will take you through some of the features of both of these microphones while looking at things like compatibility and overall quality. Eventually, this should help you to pick the one that will suit you. 

As a start, let me take you through the accessories that you get upon purchasing these microphones. 

What’s in the box? (Accessories)

Accessories, in this case are the other parts or other instruments that come with the product that enable you to use the product at its best.

The availability of useful accessories with a product can greatly influence your choice in buying the product in the first place. To be honest, it is always tough to buy one product and start looking for accessories elsewhere. In this case, you may have wasted more time looking for the accessories and you have spent extra money. So, it is important to go for a product that comes with all original accessories in the box.

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When you buy the V-moda BoomPro, you will get two accessories and these are a single 3.5 mm Y-splitter as well as a one Single line Velcro strap.

The Antlion microphone modmic on the other hand comes with far more accessories. In the Antlion’s box, you will find one cable wrap, 10 cable clips, one mute switch module, two 3.5 mm extension cables, two magnetic base clasps, one 3.5 Y- adapter, 1 carrying case, three 3m adhesives, and one microphone/Headphone 3.5 mm to USB adapter.  

So far, we have noticed that we are getting a lot of accessories when we purchase the Antlion microphone. Based on this, the Modmic model is ahead of the V-moda Boompro. 

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How are these microphones built? (Quality)

When I mentioned built quality, I am generally referring to the appearance as well as the materials that were used to manufacture that product. Since the Antlion was ahead in the previous section, let me start with the antlion modmic.

Antlion modmic review

Antlion Audio ModMic Uni with Mute Switch Bundle with FiiO E10K Black USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier, and Blucoil Y Splitter for Audio, Mic

 out of stock
as of September 7, 2022 11:43 am


Part Number A1480

The Modmic model has a very sturdy appearance which is why it has been dubbed as one of the most professional microphones out there. It also comes with a shaft that is built with a hard plastic material that further makes this microphone durable.

The microphone was built with a switch that allows you to swap between using two modes, which are Omni-directional mode and the Uni-directional mode. The other switch that you will find is the mute switch module. This allows you to switch in between any of the 3.5 mm connections. 

Many people seem to say that this switch model was made to be a little too large for it to just be of one usage. In support of that point, the module really does add a little bulkiness, especially to something that is already adding a second cable onto your headphone/microphone combo. If the connectivity of this part blocks off adjacent USB ports, then you might have a problem at hand. 

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On top of that, you can adjust them at any angle that you want them to be, a position that makes it stay firmly in until you have the desire to change them again. Speaking of angle, the mic makes the U-shaped bend from the earpiece to your mouth, which allows you to move your head freely. 

Also, there is a magnetic clasp on the microphone connection which generally prevents the microphone from falling when you made a sudden movement. This is one of the factors that make this microphone reliable. 

The cable that comes from the main mic to the 3.5 mm jack is about 20 cm long, which is a fair length. Although the microphone comes with a pop filter that is thick and covers the whole microphone, it doesn’t, in any way, affect the sound quality of the microphone. If anything, the pop filter actually improves the sound by filtering out unwanted sounds. 

As I said before in the accessories section, the Antlion comes with one cable wrap which is about 2 meters (or 79 inches) long. A lot of people have had issues with the cable wrap. Because it is made with an interlaced material, it pretty much unraveled itself just as soon as it was cut. This can simply be addressed by using a lighter to burn the ends, which stops the unraveling.  

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V-moda boomPro review

V-MODA BoomPro Microphone for Gaming & Communication - Black

 in stock
4 new from $24.99
12 used from $21.99
Free shipping
as of September 7, 2022 11:43 am


  • Professional-grade mic ideal for communication and gaming featuring enhanced voice clarity and background noise reduction
  • Detachable for maximum compatibility and usage; flexible ad adjustable for ideal mic positioning
  • Built to last with a durable and reinforced cable, 24k gold plated plug and SteelFlex boom arm
  • Convenient control clip features an in-line mute switch and rotary volume controls
  • Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, PCs, notebooks and gaming consoles via 3.5mm (1/8") plug and headphones with a 3.5mm (1/8") cable input

With a cost as low as $30, you will get a high quality microphone even when you are on a budget. The V-moda has it all. 

Just as the Antlion modmic, this Boompro is very easily adjustable, allowing you to move it any direction that you wish. Enclosed with a fabric wrapping is the stiff 79-inch cable, which is very durable, and less prone to cuts. However, once you cut it, you may not be able to replace the fabric wrapping that covers it.

While the stiffness of the cable makes it durable, users have stated that it doesn’t fully stretch out, which is not a big deal anyway. Down to the cable at about 12 inches, you will find the module that is designed for controlling volume as well as the muting button. 

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The reinforcement around the module makes the module size quite bigger which can be quite heavy. After looking into it, the manufacturers added a clip, so you can clip it in easily and relieve some of that module’s weight. 

How compatible are the microphones with other devices?

In this time and age, people have completely become the multipurpose kind of people, meaning we are always looking for products that can have more than one usage. In this case, the best microphone would be the one that can be connected to various devices and still perform its functions seamlessly. Let’s see how compatible our microphones are.

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The V-moda BoomPro on Compatibility

The V-moda microphone works with just about any headphones as most people think. But contrary to this belief, reviews showed that this microphone doesn’t work with some headphones. 

In terms of console gaming properties, the V-moda is your best buddy. The best part is that you won’t need to have extra adapters to connect to your PS4 and Xbox one (as long as it is the second generation controller that has the 3.5 mm jack).

 The Antlion Modmic on compatibility

This is where the difference between the V-moda and the Antlion Modmic seems to differ. When it comes to compatibility, the Antlion takes all. It will work on all headphones and all devices even without the requirement of a 3.5 mm jack. So how does it work?

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The magnetic clasp basically sticks on all surfaces to give you the quality that you need. However, you will need to have the appropriate adapters to be able to use this mic on everything. 

That being said, the great news is that you get all of the adapters in the box along with all the other accessories, which saves you the time and of course, the money. 

Sound Properties

The last feature that we will be comparing in both of these devices is the sound quality that you will achieve from these microphones. 

The V-moda boomPro.

This microphone comes in a permanent omnidirectional mode. It is mostly loved because it is able to capture voices at a high quality while filtering out background noises. 

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This makes it an excellent choice when you want to record a video or you simply want to chat. 

The Antlion Modmic.

As we stated before, the antlion comes in two modes (which are unidirectional and omnidirectional) and a switch that allows you to change from one mode to the other depending on your preferences.

Omnidirectional Mode.

This is the most recommended mode which activates two microphones that are located at the end of the mic boom. Because you have activated two microphones, you are likely to get a great quality of your voice from this mode. 

Don’t worry about background noise as most of these are slightly muted out. However, if you happen to be in a room where there is just too much noise, I suggest the unidirectional mode.

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Unidirectional Mode

Just as the name of the mode states, the unidirectional mode means that only one microphone is activated and in this case, it is the inner one. 

In this mode, most of the background noises will be muted, except maybe for mouse clicks but even those will be very low. 

The downside of this mode is that it also mutes the user’s voice as well. So, the other mode is better. 


Now for the verdict between v-moda boompro vs modmic. V moda boompro is more sensitive and does not connect to every headphone. The antlion modmic connects to almost all headphones but you will need to use the right adapter which is including in the box.

Also, the modmic is more modular, it only requires an adhesive to enable it to stick any headphones side. Modmic has a slightly better quality like the modmic 5 which has two 2 capsules, this allows you to switch between noise cancelling or studio mode.

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The modmic is more expensive anyway, but with more features and accessories. The v moda is less expensive and only to headphones with the standard 3.5 mm jack as the third cables. The antlion modmic has more clearer sound and more versatile, but v moda has better quality.

V-Moda Boompro Vs Antlion Modmic Microphones


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