Tribit Wireless Earbud Noise Cancelling 2019

Tribit Wireless Earbud Noise Cancelling

Here is another sporting earbud, the Tribit wireless earbud noise cancelling technology. The earbud has a 6mm driver that delivers a deep bass sound like no other. You have to have it to believe what this can do while sporting. Whether you are running or in the gym or driving or in the office, this is an all-round earbud.

1. Price

This will cost you $42.49 on, and will cost £35.00 on

2. Sound

This is a powerful deep bass earbud with a 6mm driver that produces loud quality sound and noise-canceling technology. With ANC, noise external noises are reduced to almost zero making the sound more clear.

3. Comfortability

This earbud has an ergonomic design with a silicon tips fig to fit deeply into your ears to reduce any external noise, provide a comfortable fit while you carry on running. It is lightweight, pocket size and portable enough to hide away in your pocket.

Tribit Wireless Earbud Noise Cancelling

4. Battery life

With just a single charge, this earbud can play for 3 hrs. Not only will it last 3 hrs, but it can also last more with the charging case which allows you to continuously charge your headset even on the move. With the charging case, this earbud can last for more hrs.

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5. Connectivity

This earbud uses a Bluetooth 5.0 technology for fast connection with no distortions even at 30 feet distance. It connects to all wireless Bluetooth smartphones/devices. Be rest assured that while running, in the gym or on a trip, you will stay connected uninterrupted. You can also switch between calls and music, so you don’t have to take it out at all. Fits in ear without anyone noticing.

6. Features

This earbud is an all-rounder seamless Bluetooth connectivity, powerful deep bass and noise cancelling technology. Very comfortable with silicone tips which prevent it from falling out from your ear. On a full charge the battery can last up to 3 hrs, with the case to charge once the battery is low, it will last even more hours. It is splashproof, and moisture proof.

Tribit Wireless Earbud Noise Cancelling


  • Deep powerful sound
  • Small enough to fit perfect and away from sweat and rain
  • Inline calls for switching between calls and music
  • Very comfortable
  • Ideal for all kinds of sports including boxing


  • Not cheap
  • You may witness sounds cutting as it ages




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