Tamproad Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tamproad Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Tamproad portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a heavy bass sub, has a Bluetooth wireless connection, and an MP3 player line-in. The speaker supports FM radio, TF/SD card, remote control, and has an LCD display. Check out also Best Portable Speakers For Music Production Review.

Why the Tamproad portable Bluetooth speaker?

Here is why we considered the speaker while making our selections.

  • Bluetooth
  • 10 watts
  • MP3 player
  • FM radio
  • TF card
  • AUX
  • USB
  • Remote control
  • Equalizer
  • Karaoke

The Tamproad is an example of an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker, the features of the speaker speaks for itself especially for people who are looking for complete features from a single Bluetooth speaker.

The Tamproad has it all, the speaker is a 10 watts output speaker, which may not seem much, but with the superior bass, the sound should be enough to provide room-filling sound.

Other unmentioned important features of the speaker are the flashing lights that keep your eyes busy while listening and watching with delight. The mobile phone stand holder on top of the speaker makes it possible to set your phone on widescreen while you watch music video or movie with your phone.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer Heavy Bass Wireless Outdoor Party Speaker MP3 Player Line in Speakers Support Remote Control FM Radio TF Card LCD Display for Home Party Phone Computer PC

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  • ♫【Bluetooth Speaker】- 【Brilliant Sound 】Our 2020 version of RS-A900 Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth speaker big power 10W, 3 loudspeakers including one high output subwoofer, two tweeters and a rear heavy bass guide tube.Bluetooth speaker with passive radiator deliver 10w stereo sound with crisp highs, accurate mids, and deep bass. At party, outdoor and indoor, pool, beach and camping, it will bring you an unprecedented listening experience.
  • ♫【Party Speaker】-【Special lights Effects and EQ Sound Effects】 Bluetooth speakers with special lights can give your party an exciting atmosphere, suitable for home, gym, yard, camping, swimming pool, beach. The speaker has EQ sound effects,such as jazz music effect, rock music effect, classical music effect, pop sound effect and more.
  • ♫【Wireless Bluetooth Speakers】-【FM radio & Interesting Features】FM radio can search available stations in your area. Speaker FM radio can also manually input a station using the remote control . Interesting Features - The top of this portable speaker has a hand-held pull ring and a stand holder that can support the standing of mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • ♫【Portable bluetooth speaker】-【Easy to Connect & Carry】Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0, 33ft range, Quick pairing any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as Android cellphones, iPhone, iPod and so on. If you don't use Bluetooth connection, you can use a 3.5mm AUX cable to plug in the speakers and the other side to insert auxiliary connection device of a smartphone, computer, MP3, MP4, TV and so on.
  • ♫【What can you Get】Our worry-free 12-month warranty and we will reply you within 7-24 hours to provide you with the best customer service. RS-A900 speaker is not big but easy to carry,suitable for home,store,backyard,small party,picnic,salon,projector and more.A perfect gift for the music lover with an active lifestyle.


The Tamproad Bluetooth portable speaker has a nice design that will attract the attention of visitors. The speaker has a solid oak finish on the sides, while the front has display screens. The front of the speaker has both the volume control, woofer flashing lights, and control buttons. On the top of the speaker a docking station for mobile phones and tablets, also a handheld pull ring that provides easy pulling, lifting, and carrying of the speaker.

Tamproad Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The uses the latest RS-A900 Bluetooth connectivity from Tamproad to provide a 5.0 version for stable and distant connection to other devices that are Bluetooth enabled. You can stream uninterrupted music from about 60 feet away from the speaker.

In the absence of any Bluetooth device or if you just want to try another connection, the speakers have an AUX port, a 3.5mm AUX cable can fit in, and they connect to your device to enjoy the music. The speaker can be connected to a smartphone, computer, TV, MP3, MP4, gaming system, and many more.


The speaker has a 10 watts power output, a total of 3 loudspeakers that comprises of 2 tweeters, and one subwoofer. Behind the speaker is a bass guide tube, the speaker has passive radiators for a rich sound. The speaker has a crips highs and mids, stereo sound, and deep bass that can lit up any small party. The Tamproad Bluetooth speaker has an equalizer setting with 3 sound effects; jazz, rock, classical, and pop sounds.

Other features

The speaker accepts a TF/SD card that can be used to play audio sound if you’re not streaming from a Bluetooth device. The speaker also supports a USB flash drive which can be used to play tracks which is an added advantage for the speaker. Let’s not forget the FM radio, the channel can be searched manually or automatically.

To connect the FM radio, use the mode button to select FM radio, then long-press the play/pause button to automatically search for stations. To stop between search, press the play/pause button to stop the auto search. The remote control is another easy to use for this speaker, the remote has all the functionality of the speaker controls, making it easy to relax and just control the speaker with your fingertips.


The speaker is a good speaker, all-around good design with nice flashing lights. The 10 watts is not the best of sounds, but it is ok for room-filling sound or for an outside small party with friends. The remote control is a good advantage because the speaker can be controlled while seating on the sofa without touching the speaker. The presence of TF/SD card slots, AUX port, and Bluetooth connectivity makes it a perfect all-in-one Bluetooth portable speaker for anyone looking for an all-in-one system.