Samsung Galaxy Buds Review – Complete Guide 2021

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

If you’ve not had or used the Samsung Galaxy buds, you may not know or experience what’s like having or using one. For people like me who have used the different models of Samsung Galaxy buds, I will review these Samsung Galaxy buds that I’ve been using for some time. Another upgraded model is the Samsung Galaxy buds live, which has a really sleek design and improved comfort. But the most common question is, is Samsung Galaxy Buds worth it?  

The Galaxy Buds are worth it especially when it comes to sound and comfortability, other Galaxy buds features that make it stand out includes safety features, find my buds, and listening to notifications with the earbuds.


  • Wireless charging
  • Listen to notification
  • Find my buds
  • Voice prompts
  • Comfortable
  • 6 hours of playtime
  • Auto-pause the buds
  • Safety feature


  • Can’t store music


TypeIn-ear headphone
Wireless range10m
True wirelessYes
Ear tipYes
ResistanceIPX3 sweat and water-resistant
App compatibilityiOS / Android
Passive noise-isolatingYes
Battery lifeUp to 6 hours / 13 hours from charging case
Charging time2 hours
Charging methodCarry case

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  • Premium Earbuds Sound Tuned by AKG: Optimized driver offers substantial bass, while a volume driver gives you a wider range of sound
  • Galaxy Buds pairs with both Android and iOS compatible devices via Bluetooth connection. Use with a smartphone and tablet running Android 5. 0 or higher & RAM 1. 5GB above. Automatic sync and Ambient Aware Mode only available for Android; iOS users can use Voice Command/Siri; Android 7.1.1 or higher required; Battery Capacity (Earbud): 58mAh
  • Power Up to Power On: Get up to six hours of battery life with an additional seven hours from the case that doubles as a wireless charger; Just what you want to hear Control how much surrounding noise you want with Ambient Aware. Quick Ambient Mode lets you hear traffic, flight annozments and coworkers calling out to you
  • Resists Water with Splash Resistant Technology: Your Galaxy Buds handle splashes, sweat and spills
  • Sounds good. Feels good. Samsung bluetooth headset Galaxy Buds come in three adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes right from the box; Comes with Ear Buds, Charging Case, Replacement Eargels And Ear Wings, Quick Start Guide

Even though this is a Samsung Galaxy buds review, I still get loads of questions about this piece and one of them is about the Samsung Galaxy bud charging case. Now, the earlier models of Samsung buds have charging case issues, and it happens when you pop the buds into the charging case, one of the LED lights blinks when closed, meaning the buds is not properly seated. Usually, no matter what you do, the red LED lights keep blinking. But comparing the Samsung galaxy buds vs IconX, the charging case issues have been completely fixed.  

When you compare another problem that existed with the Samsung Gear IconX, whereby when the buds and the charging case are fully charged and kept without using for not more than 2 weeks, both the buds and the charging case battery will go flat. But with the Galaxy buds, the whole experience was fixed. Take, for example, if you have a completely drained battery on the charging case and about 50% on the bud, placed them together, and leave for a while, you will only lose about 5% charge. Another instance is if you have fully charged buds with a fully drained charging case, placed them together, it will take about 20 days for the battery to run out. If both charging case and buds are fully charged and kept, they should last for up to 40 days which is pretty good for an update.

Battery Life

According to the manufacturer’s description, the battery life for Samsung galaxy buds is 6 hours of playtime, but you and I know how impossible it is to use your earbuds for straight six hours. But on the honest side, these buds at 43% volume lasted straight 4 hours which I can confirm because I tried it and it still got a good amount of charge left. But if you decide to increase the volume between 70% to 100%, then I can guarantee you will get less than 6 hours. When you talk about having earbuds with long battery life, then you should try Phiaton BT 100 NC Wireless Earbuds with 220hrs battery life.

There are two ways you can charge your Galaxy Buds, you either use a USB or wireless charging, even though the USB charges faster, in fact, it is twice as fast as the wireless charging method. This is a good option especially if you are on the move and need a quick charge. The Samsung Galaxy Buds uses about four and a half watts which is the lowest or slowest wireless charging level, nothing changes this even when put on a fast or slow wireless charging pad or using power share with the Galaxy S10. The charging time for a full charge of the two Galaxy buds wireless charing is about 2 hours 15 minutes and the charging case is about 2 hours 55 minutes. For both the charging case to fully charge you should expect about 3 hours for wireless, but for the wired USB C charging, it should be about an hour and a half for the buds and an hour and 45 minutes for the charging case. 

If you want a quick charge let’s say a 10 minutes charge with wireless charge, then you will get up to 40 minutes of playtime but at least 43% volume. Depending on how loud you want your music, the louder or higher the volume, the faster you drain the battery. For the 10 minutes of USB charging, you will get 40 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes of playtime. If you drive, then I recommend getting the USB car charger which is a big help if forget to charge at home.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review


When it comes to comfortability, you’d expect that truly wireless earbuds will provide some sort of comfort to the user, that is true with this set of Galaxy earbuds. When compared with other truly wireless earbuds like the Jabra elite and Gear IconX, the Galaxy buds have a large cushion which I think is one of the reasons behind the absolute comfort they provide. Some of the earbuds that provide comfortability are the Google Pixel Buds and Bose QuietComfort 35 II. Usually, the longer you wear these earbuds you will start to get ear fatigue, either the dimensions aren’t matched for your ears, or the cushion isn’t soft enough. But with the Galaxy buds, even at four hours of listening, you’d still feel as nothing is there. It also comes with an option of three different wingtips, both large and medium for people with small or large ears. 


Unlike the Samsung Galaxy IconX 2018 which has 4 GB of internal storage that allows you to load music directly and listening without your phone or any other device, the Galaxy Buds have no internal storage.

Volume control

On the Gear IconX buds, you could swipe up and down for volume control which causes the earbuds to always pop out, these features are not on the Galaxy buds, only tap, if you try to swipe on it, what happens is that the earbuds pop out of your ear.



Unlike the previous models where you can use the long-press option to choose between menu options on the buds, how it worked is you will press and hold until you hear the menu option you want and once you release, it does whatever you landed on. This includes a voice assistant, lock touchpad against accidental touch, turn on ambient sound, start or stop a workout, hear workout time, distance, calories burned, and speed. With the Galaxy buds, you don’t have to long-press to go through a bunch of menus, by pressing on one of the buds you can only do one thing at a time. Things you can do with the Galaxy earbuds include activating the voice assistant, while holding the bud you can turn on the ambient sound and turn it off once released or permanently turn it off, increase and reduce volume. 

With the Galaxy buds, you can avoid accidental touches, for example when one bud is out it automatically disable itself and will not respond to touch. This is because the sensor on the buds can determine if it’s in or out.

Auto Pause

With the Galaxy buds you can auto-pause the buds while having the two buds in your ears and playing music, when one bud is taking out the music doesn’t stop playing, but if you take both buds out the music stops playing. This is good because while some buds stop playing when one bud is out. Once you pop them back in all you need to do is tap one of the buds and the music starts to play again.


Another important feature for me and many others including my readers is the sound, the Galaxy buds have a great AKG tuned sound which you can also change or adjust. One thing I have to point out is the earbuds have a basic equalizer setting, you can choose either the bass boost, soft dynamic, clear and treble boost. I know many of you will think the bass boost is the best option, but when I tried it, the dynamics are more like a combination of all sound, a more balanced sound which is also very good. The icon on the center of the bud can be used to turn off the equalizer. 


If you want to use any notification readout, you can use the app to do this, by tapping the notification on the app, then go to manage notification, then select what notification you want to be read out by selecting the application. This will read out any notification from any application on the Galaxy buds, this can easily be turned off from the same notification menu on the app.

Find My Buds

You can find your buds if you do not know where you kept them, you can do this through your phone. Tap on start and the buds will begin to make a sound which increases with every sound.


The safety feature prevents the buds from hurting your ears by tweeting loud sound, once safety feature is turned on and you cover the sensor on one of the buds in your ear while the other one is out, this will make the tweeting sound stop, it will mute the one in your ear so it doesn’t hurt your ears. 

Call Quality

Unlike the previous models like the Gear IconX, which experience call quality and stability issues, the Galaxy buds have been improved to provide quality calls. Some of the issues with the previous model include people on the other end of the call being unable to hear or make sense of what you are saying. This issue happens even when you are in loud or quiet areas, but the Galaxy buds came with a well-deserved update that eliminates those issues and even making it impossible for people on the other end to tell if you are directly talking from a phone or the earbuds. 

One issue to point out is when you are in a loud or noisy area, the microphone has difficulty receiving a clear message. My observation with this is that the microphone on the outside turns off when you are in a loud area or place while the earbuds inside the microphone turn on. But if you are the type that talks loud then this shouldn’t be a big problem, but for a low talker like me, this results in talking directly through the phone instead. 

The latency issue whereby it takes about a second from when some spoke to you to when you hear them while wearing the earbuds watching a movie or listening to music. But the latency issue was fixed with updates from Samsung, if you have one of these buds and still have a similar issue, I will suggest updating the firmware. Another quality truly wireless earbuds I can use to compare galaxy buds in terms of sound and call quality are the Bose earbuds, Apple Airpods 2, and Apple Airpods Pro which have a slightly higher quality than the Galaxy buds, I have also done a good job of comparing Difference Between AirPods 2 vs AirPods Pro for a clearer understanding.

Another earbud with good sound and call quality is the Jabra elite 65T, with the Jabra you can only use the left bud to change volume up and down, and skip tracks, while the right bud play, pauses, and activate the ambient sound. The downside is using a single bud which means choosing some function over other functionalities. The Galaxy buds on the other side have both functionalities and menu options on both buds, it doesn’t matter which bud you are using, you’d still get any menu option you want which to me is a good idea. 

Another important comparison between Bose Soundsport freeze vs Galaxy buds is usability, the buttons and tapping options on Galaxy buds are flexible with high sensor response while Bose sound sport freeze buttons are somewhat difficult to press. The difficulty to press on it makes it a bit annoying and easily causes ear fatigue from having to press those buttons. Changing volumes or track more often comes with some type of unease, in my own words I will say difficult. The Galaxy buds also beat them down when it comes to comfortability.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Ear Tips

The Samsung Galaxy earbuds come with three tips small, medium, and large, at least you get to have a choice of which is right for you. The importance of having the right ear tips is sound leakage, the tighter it is to your ears the better sound you get from it. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds App

When it comes to earbuds having or using apps to control some of the features, I think this is a huge step towards personal customization of your buds, the Samsung Galaxy buds are not left out on this. With the Galaxy buds app, you can easily customize certain features like the equalizer, you can choose different presets like bass boost, dynamics soft, and treble. The dynamics have a better balance of sound for me. 

With the app you can also turn on the ambient sound which mixes external noise with the music, this is done through the built-in microphone, the good thing with this feature is safety especially if you are outside exercising, you could hear external noise like coming traffic. With the app you can also find your buds in the case you don’t remember where they are using the ‘Find My Buds’ feature, it will find the buds by playing a tweeting sound which increases with every sound, this can be quite loud. If you cant find one of the buds, what happens is that the one in your ears will not sound, just the missing one, a safety sensor in the earbuds makes this happen. 

If you want to use any notification readout, you can use the app to do this, by tapping the notification on the app, then go to manage notification, then select what notification you want to be read out by selecting the application. 


The Galaxy buds have the most battery life on a single charge compared to all the mentioned earbuds for a single charge, up to six-hour playtime, and 13 hours with the Galaxy buds charging case. The charging case issues with previous models have been completely fixed. Use ‘Find My Buds’ to find your buds if you do not know where you kept them, you can do this through your phone. Tap on start and the buds will begin to make a sound which increases with every sound. The Galaxy buds have been improved to provide quality calls.


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