Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9

Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9

To provide a distinctive difference for Mordaunt Short m10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9, the details or information will be narrated according to the product. As you can the two bookshelf speakers have the differences, so below we shall find out.

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Mordaunt Short M10 Review

This powerful bookshelf speaker still delivers without a doubt and the drive unit is still top quality. It delivers a smooth and clear sound with the soft dome tweeter and with the deep sound thanks to the axis point which close to the woofer. The compact design and lightweight bass cone help increase the bass response and also eliminates distortion and unnatural colorations.

Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9


This Mordaunt short design is very solid, the design eliminates stand at the bottom allowing the axis closer to the woofer, this enables consistent straight forward sound from both drive units. It has a lightweight bass cone for powerful bass response. The clean design ensures without any bulky fittings, making it very compact which help enhance the sound with clean precision.

Best secret of the Mordaunt m10 powerful budget speaker is the rigid design, this helps eliminate distortion and unnatural coloration of the sound.

No matter where this bookshelf speaker will be located, the neutral charcoal finish will make it blend in any environment

Connecting to a record player?

Depending on which, either a record player or separate record deck, if it is an all in one, then you can connect directly. But the first step is to check your system ohms output if they are compatible. Also, both record player and separate record player will need an amplifier as these speakers have no built-in amp, they are a passive speaker. It can handle an 80watts output.

The speakers do not come with any cables. Any standard cables/wires should be fine, but its individual choice, you can go for the cables of your choice.

The nominal impedance is 8 Ohms. Can handle power between 20watts to 100watts.


  • Premium build quality
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Sound is clear with detailed highs and lows
  • Can be paired with a dedicated sub
  • Refined smooth sound
  • Good bass response
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Can’t be used as main speakers

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Review

The Wharfedale Diamond 9 yet another top budget speakers available, with high performance, one will think that only size matters. The passive speaker eliminates vibration and eliminates standing waves with its curved cabinet design, ensuring a powerful bass, clear sound and dynamic performance.

Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9

With the Wharfedale Diamond 9, you can choose to bi-wire the speaker by separating high and low frequencies with signal paths so as to create a more precise, clearer, and cleaner sound. The positioning should be well apart and if possible in the center of any space for a more balanced sound.


The ported design in front of the speaker is for easy placement and the curved shape is to fit into corners. It can also be plugged or wired, thanks to the 4mm terminals. This design is rigid, strong, tight bass and top-end details for continuous sound deployment.

This budget speakers can also be pair with a minimum of 20watts amp per channel because it is a passive speaker, you may not experience the very deep bass you’d expect. To get more bass, you may want to add another subwoofer, the ideal subwoofer will be the Wharfedale Diamond SW-150 subwoofer.


You can get a cable of your choice or use the standard cable for your connections. This cannot connect to the smartphone directly, you will need to amplify the signal first for it to work. Some amp will come with speaker connector or cables, you just need to choose or try them out to see. If you have a cut off the jack, just cut back a little and screw it up.

To connect it to a record player, you will an amp to get the best sound, if it has RCA output, you will also need an amp to connect it. If your RCP has its own speakers, then there is no point.

The nominal impedance is 6 Ohms. Can handle power between 20watts to 100watts.


  • Good quality build
  • The sounds quality is really good
  • Clear vocals and bass response
  • More powerful with a subwoofer


  • You will put stud stuff under it as the bottom is flat
Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9
Mordaunt Short M10 Vs Wharfedale Diamond 9



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