Kavard TWS Mini Noise Cancelling Earbud

Kavard TWS Mini Noise Cancelling Earbud

The Kavard TWS Mini Noise Cancelling Earbud is another favorable noise cancelling running or gym earbud, not because it has one of the most beautiful designs but its ability to reduce external noise. This is one wireless Bluetooth earbud that has everything you would want in a sports earbud.

1. Price

You can get this for $129.99 on Amazon.com.

2. Sound

This earbud one sound mode delivers a nice punch to your ears. The sound quality is really good with deep bass and very clear treble and with noise cancelling, you will listen and enjoy this earbud’s crystal clear sound.

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3. Connectivity

The is a Bluetooth 5.0 for fast connection and also connects to any Bluetooth devices. It can also stay connected at 40 feet space from your device. The good advantage of 5.0 Bluetooth connection is that it won’t cause any distortions and sudden disconnection from your device. It also has a 2 built-in mic so you can answer calls between music.

4. Comfortability

This ergonomic design means its lightweight, comfortable fit, convenience and secured so it doesn’t pull out when you are getting down with exercising. This an ideal earbud for all kinds of sports like biking, running, hiking, relaxation, and business activities.

5. Design

This has a splashproof technology with IPX5 and sweatproof. The hardwearing material design makes it lightweight, resist sweat and stay well secure in your ear. The earbud case is really portable and can fit easily into your pockets.

6. Battery life

The battery can last between 4-5 hrs playtime on a full charge and more than 50 hrs on standby time. With just 30 minutes charge, you are set to go with the quick charge case, and you can keep charging with the case if the battery goes low.

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7. Features

Quick charging case and long battery life, splash, and sweatproof technology to prevent water damage. Noise cancelling technology against external noise, built-in mic for calls, lightweight and very comfortable. Good quality deep bass sound and fast Bluetooth connectivity, and compatible with all Bluetooth devices.


  • Easy to set up and connect your device
  • Beautiful and lightweight design Deep bass sound and noise cancelling technology
  • Inbuilt mic for calls
  • Can be used for all sporting activities and for relaxation
  • Long battery life