Juckbo Wireless Bluetooth Earbud 2020

juckbo wireless earbuds review

Juckbo wireless Bluetooth earbud is another fantastic and best wireless earbud for running and sports, with a noise reduction technology chip. This is a pure entertainment earbud for the gym and running, and it’s so comfortable you won’t even feel a thing. Many users will testify this, and I actually tried it and it gave me the real feeling and sound of a quality earphone.

1. Price

It has a good price of $39.99 on Amazon.com. This item is not yet listed on Amazon.uk but we hope it will soon.

2. Sound

Juckbo has a powerful deep bass and a natural sound, with the help of noise cancelling technology blocking out external noise and sound, you will surely enjoy true music sound and performance.

3. Connectivity

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection which is a built-in high-resolution decoder and ACC/SBC audio coding. This enables a faster stable connection that connects to any smartphone including iPhones and Andriod phones. Just go to pairing mode to activate, and activate your phone Bluetooth connectivity and you are set to go. You can also use it to change tracks and switch between calls.

Juckbo Wireless Bluetooth Earbud
Juckbo Wireless Bluetooth Earbud

4. Comfortability

It has a lightweight and ergonomic design, that lets the earbud fit perfectly and comfortably while been secure around your ears. It also comes with 5 different ear tip sizes so you can choose your ear size. So, whether you like your earbud for running, gym or circuit, this is what you need, comfort.

5. Battery life

The battery can last up to 3 hrs playtime on a full charge and can be charged using charging case for 4-5 times. The charging case also has a display for battery percentage, allowing you to know when to charge.

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6. Features

It is a wireless Bluetooth earbud for connection to any device. Hi-Fi stereo sound and deep bass performance, and noise cancelling technology. A Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and built-in audio coding technology. Easy to pair with any smartphone and call answering. Very comfortable using lightweight design. The battery life can last 3-4 hrs playtime and can last another 12-20 hrs with the charging case which can charge the earbud up to 5 times.

Juckbo Wireless Bluetooth Earbud


  • It is a cheap wireless earbud
  • Easy to connect to any smartphone
  • Long battery life
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Very fast Bluetooth connection
  • Deep bass and noise reduction technology


  • Unknown




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