Is It Safe To Wear AirPods In The Shower?

Is It Safe To Wear AirPods In The Shower

There’s no mistake that in recent years, wearable audio accessories like earbuds, Apple watches, heart rate monitors, and portable mobile speakers are fast becoming the must-have everywhere we gather. While it is nice and dandy, the majority of earbuds and portable speakers are are weatherproof. But, is it safe to wear AirPods in the shower?

It is not safe to wear AirPods in the shower! Though Apple Airpods earbuds are water-resistant, water can still sip inside of your earbuds and cause water damage, so you can not wear Apple Airpods in the shower.

Never under any situation or activity like swimming, in the shower, when you find yourself in the rain and the likes. This same applies to heavy sweaters, their sweat is released in large amounts like water, hence if you are a heavy sweater take note of this. 

Do not be deceived by adverts by Apple showing people working out with Airpods on, those people are usually not sweating at all.  

I think by now everyone knows that water and electricity do not blend in very well. This is the challenge most of the time when people buy electronics that they can use for personal use. Prevention is better than cure and you must know that keeping water off most of the electronics in your home is rather relatively easy. There’s absolutely no need to carry your TV in the rain for example, or taking a receiver in the shower. 

The problem is that most people are too used to their phones hence they carry their phones almost everywhere. For instance, when they are working out, they carry their phones for the sake of adding a dash of music or a little bit of entertainment as this makes their working out activity more enjoyable and keeps them motivated to keep working out.

Another instance might be in the shower, we might ask ourselves why not enjoy our music there too. In the instance that you own an iPhone, you are also given the option to own Apple AirPods. The reason this article exists is that there have been a lot of questions considering the water-resistant nature of Airpods and this article will answer all that while focusing on our answer that it is not safe to wear Airpods in the shower. 

Most consumer electronics tend to stop working after being exposed to wet conditions. This is the case as moisture and water go through the casing of the item and result in the wire short-circuiting. Obviously, the way of keeping water outside the case is to block the holes which give you a hint on waterproof products. Airpods being mini speakers have a lot of holes although there are ways of creating a seal over headphones with the aim of making them resistant to the penetration of water. 

The most important thing you should know about AirPods pertaining to this is that they have a water-resistant rating of IPX4 which simply implies that they are resistant to water splashes. Most consumer electronics have this rating with the aim of being resistant to sweat. This is applied to any type of water resistance upon direct contact. Apple admitted that this rating of sweat resistance in their products usually wears off with time.  

One has to know that sweat and water resistance are not conditions that are permanent hence as a result of normal wear this resistance might wear off. 

If you would visit Apple’s support page today, you will find information on their Airpods stating that they are not sweat waterproof, just resistant to sweat. There is a difference between being resistant to sweat and being sweatproof. Resistance wears off with time unlike being proof of something. 

What Are IPX Ratings?

The IPX or IP rating is the word that refers to the Ingress Protection standard the European equivalent is EN 605529. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the commission that sets the IP rating and it is based in London. International standards are set by this commission for a number of electronics with the consumer and industrial sectors inclusive. This includes most consumer electronics you are well aware of like batteries, toaster ovens, solar panels, smartphones, and even extension cords, you mention it. 

The IP rating is comprised of namely three different ratings. For your own information, IPXXX is the full term. A different value plus meaning is represented by every X in the acronym. Dust resistance is represented by the first X and scientists measure it in a range of between 0 and 6. In a science language, we might say this refers to protection against the ingress of solid material. 

Keep in mind that water molecules are smaller than dust molecules hence measuring water resistance is different from measuring dust resistance. This doesn’t mean that when something is water resistant then it is not dust resistant, it just means that this particular consumer electronics device was not measured for dust resistance. This should tell you that IPX4 refers to Airpods being measured for water resistance and not dust resistance. 

In the IP rating, the second X stands for measurement when it comes to water resistance. The value range is between 0-9 and this only tries to tell you how vulnerable the consumer electronic might be to water intrusion and damage. Here’s are some further information on the ratings. 

IPXX: this means that water resistance was not measured. 

  • IPX0: This implies that there is no protection against water or any form of moisture
  • IPX1: This implies that there is protection against vertical water drops for 10 minutes up to 1mm/min. 
  • IPX2: This is to tell you that your device is protected against water drops at a 15-degree angle for 10 minutes up to 3mm/min. 
  • IPX3: This rating serves to say there is protection against a spray of water with an angle differential at an angle of 60 degrees with a time interval of 5 minutes and with a pressure of 50-150kpa. 
  • IPX4: This rating is the one that Apple Airpods have. This rating serves to say that the device is protected against any splashes of water coming from any direction. They seek to show that the device has a sweat-resistant rating. 
  • IPX5: This rating only means that the consumer electronics device is protected from a jet of water on a condition that the time this jet of water is flowing is not more than 15 minutes and not at a rate of more than 12.5 l/min and this can be done at any angle. 
  • IPX6: This rating serves to tell you that your device is protected against strong jets of water that might be coming from any angle for more than or equal to 3 minutes while this is being done at a rate of 100 l/min. 
  • IPX7: This rating is the one that is given to most devices that are considered waterproof like these Bluetooth waterproof speakers. This rating seeks to show that your device is fully protected from water and the device can even be submerged in water for 30 minutes at a depth of approximately 1m. If you own a device that has a rating of IPX7, just know that it is fully waterproof. 
  • IPX8: This implies that the device given this rating is protected from a full submersion in water with a depth that is even deeper than  1 m, technically 3 meters. There is no time limit to this rating. 
  • IPX9K: This is the highest level a device can reach in terms of protection. High-intensity pressures at a high temperature at a short distance like at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius and maybe a distance of 0.1 to 0.15m under the pressure of 8 to 10 megapascals and at a rate of 14-16 l/min. 

We have now reached the third X in the IP rating system. This rating is optional and it only adds to it. It is not usually used. 

Can AirPods electrocute you?

Having in mind that water does not do well with electricity, maybe you might ask yourself if Airpods can electrocute you. The answer to this is yes but you can not die from this. This electrocuting might result from static building in the headphones from contact with an electrically conducting material. Even when not deadly, avoid being electrocuted by your AirPods by keeping them out of water. Refrain from plugging your Airpods into your iPhone when it is still connected to a charging source. 


Apple AirPods should not be worn in the shower as they are not waterproof, they are just water-resistant which wears off with time. They have an IPX4 rating which means they are water-resistant implying sweat-resistant too but not waterproof. Apple Airpods are great small devices that many people have fallen in love with due to their sound quality and stylish design. They are great for music.

Do not wear Airpods in the shower, rain, or any activity that involves the intrusion of water as the water might enter the Airpods and short circuit the wire leading to the Airpods to be damaged. This same applies to heavy sweaters and their sweat is released in large amounts like water hence if you are a heavy sweater take note of this. Do not be deceived by adverts showing people working out with Airpods on, those people are usually not sweating at all.  


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