How Do I Convert Coaxial to RCA?

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Coaxial cables are mostly used to connect a satellite TV service or a cable box to your TV set. A coaxial cable usually has an end with a threaded plug, inside it there is a rigid wire. 

Classic speakers, multimedia external computer speakers, tv monitors, and AVR like Marantz or Yamaha home theaters still use coaxial and RCA connection cables today. But if you are going to mix the old and new, you may need to convert the coaxial to RCA vice versa. So, how do you convert Coaxial to RCA?

You can convert coaxial to RCA using a Coaxial to RCA adapter or by using a coaxial to RCA threading to the end of the cables a male to female Coaxial to RCA jack. This practice of converting coaxial cable to RCA is widely used when media players are wired in a home or car. So, to minimize the total number of cables running between devices, coaxial cables are used.

You may do this if you want to connect your DVD recorder to your satellite box and television. You can also do the same if you plan to hook a VCR between your television monitor and satellite box. One easy way to convert the coaxial to RCA is by making use of a VCR device. 

VCR devices are able to connect RCA cables and Coaxial cables. This device can easily be found in electronic shops as well as online e-commerce websites such as Amazon. A coaxial to RCA or RCA to the coaxial adapter is needed in the case where you want to connect to your television set. The following are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1

Firstly, remove the coaxial cable from the device that it is connected to. Do this by unscrewing one end of the cable. The other end of the coaxial cable should be connected to the cable box or satellite box. 

Step 2

The next step is to connect the coaxial cable to the RCA adapter. Here, the outer ring of the coaxial plug should be threaded to the RCA adapter. Make she that you do not bend the wire that is in the coaxial cable plug. 

Step 3

You should then connect the RCA cable plug and the RCA connector that is on the adapter. The RCA cable plug should be inserted into the female RCA connector. 

Step 4

One end of the RCA adapter should then be plugged into your electronic device. This allows it to transmit signals coming from the coaxial cable. 

 Connecting Without using an adapter

Step 1: Connecting the cables

The VCR device has ports on its back, you use these ports to connect your cables. You will usually find that each port is labeled. Therefore, you will connect a coaxial cable on the port that is labeled coaxial input and the RCA cable will be connected where it’s labeled RCA input.

Step 2: Connect to your TV

On your television set, you will usually see some color-coded ports that are used for RCA cable connection. Therefore, connect the RCA cables to these ports on your TV or any video or audio device. 

Step 3: Start the setup

The next step is to turn on the VCR device. Then turn on your Television. Once the VCR is on, you should choose a video input that says “TV”. You can easily use the VCD remote control to navigate through the channels. 

If a cable box is being used instead of the VCR box, then use the same steps to convert the coaxial to RCA input. 

RCA vs Coaxial

Confusing RCA cables and Coaxial cakes is vet common as they look similar. These two are very common when it comes to connecting different devices. 

RCA is an abbreviation for Radio Corporation of America. This cable is used to connect audio and video devices. RCA cabling makes use of a coaxial cable. 

A coaxial cable has an inner conductor and is made of insulating material. It also has shielding. Coaxial is also used in Radiofrequency and it helps to provide shielding against external noises. It was also widely used in telecommunications. 

RCA and coaxial cables are now declining and are being replaced by new cables such as HDMI, fiber optics, and DVI which had faster, simpler, and cleaner connections. 

What Is An RCA Cable Used For? 

An RCA cable is used for a variety of uses. It can be used to connect audio devices and video equipment..with an RCA cable, you can connect a camcorder to a Television set, you can also connect it to your stereo speakers. You cannot use an RCA cable directly to a digital device like a computer. This is because they are used to transmit analog signals or non-digital signals.

Some types of RCA cables are composite video RCA cable and component RCA cable. The composite video RCA cable is the kind of RCA cable that carries all the data in a single signal. Most of the time, the signals are low quality because the three channels are combined into one signal.

The component RCA cable transmits high-quality signals. This cable does not transmit them as single signals, instead, they are separated. RCA cables are a good choice if you want good quality signal. One drawback is that they cannot be directly connected to digital devices. 

What is a coaxial cable used for?

Coaxial cables have many uses. They are used as RCA cabling. These cables are also used in transmitting signals in radio frequency, video signals, and audio signals. 

These have also been used for connecting receivers to antennas, in television signals, and for Internet connections. 


RCA cables can sometimes be called RCA connectors. They are very useful when it comes to connecting different video or audio equipment. These RCA cables make use of a color code system.

 These cables oh transmit analog signals. The signals are usually compressed since it has three channels and this results in low-quality signals. RCA cables play a very big role in homes and even offices. They are a very good choice for connecting speakers and stereos. They work in almost the same way as an HDMI cable does. However, the use of these has greatly declined today and has been replaced by newer cables like HDMI, optical fiber, and DVI.


A coaxial cable transmits digital signals. It uses electric signals for these signals to be successfully transferred. It is widely used in radio frequency, audio data and video data signal transfers. 

These cables have a good bandwidth. However, they cannot be able to support lossless formats because the bandwidth is not as large as that if HDMI cables. 

If you want to listen to audio in Dolby True HD, DTS HD master audio, DTS X formats, you need to have an HDMI connection and cable. 

Coaxial cables are still being used today because of the cheap price point that they come at. They can be easily used for extended cabling. 

Installing and setting up coaxial cables is very easy. Their capacity is great and can transfer large amounts of data. Coaxial cables have a thick cable and good shielding. Interference is less as compared to the RCA cables. Coaxial cables are available in different types. It is essential that you are familiar with the types in order to be sure that the cable you have is the right one for your devices. 

The RG6 is the most common type of coaxial cable. This is usually known as the coax. The RG6 is mostly used as a cable to your TV. Hardline coax is the other type of coaxial cable. This kind of coaxial cable has good strength and high signal. It is commonly used in radio transmitters. Other types include Trial-axial and twin-axial coaxial cables. 

Differences Between Coaxial And RCA Cable

Although the RCA cables and coaxial cables look similar. They some differences too. 

Design: Coaxial cables have shielding that is better than that of the RCA. The shielding gives the coaxial an advantage over the RCA. Hence, the coaxial is not as affected by interference as the RCA cables are. 

Bandwidth: the coaxial has higher bandwidth. It has a bandwidth of up to 750 MHz. On the other hand, the RCA has a lower bandwidth than the coaxial. The bandwidth of the RCA is about6 MHZ. The bandwidth is very important since it helps to reduce radio frequency interference and noises. 

Mode of signal transmission: The main difference between RCA and Coaxial is that they transmit different kinds of signals. The coaxial cable is responsible for transmitting digital signals while the RCA cable is responsible for transmitting analog signals. 

Convenience: Both RCA cables and Coaxial cables are cost-efficient. They come at a good price point and are good for budget-friendly cables. 


Coaxial cables are good for connecting your dish antenna of tv network to the TV. Sometimes, you may be using technology that is old or television that does not have enough ports on your TV.  Therefore, a way to connect your coaxial cable to your television may be to convert the coaxial to RCA so that you are able to enjoy sounds.

In order to successfully convert coaxial to RCA. You may need to have a coaxial to RCA adapter or an RCA to a coaxial adapter that is reversible. You can also convert coaxial to RCA without using an adapter. However, you will need to have a VCR device for this to work. We hope that this guide really answered your question on how you can convert coaxial to RCA. 

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