Hisense H9E VS H9F Reviews

Hisense H9E VS H9F Reviews

Hisense is a well-known manufacturer of television sets, and many other types of electronics like refrigerators, laundry equipment, cooking equipment, and dishwashers. Hisense not only makes a list of items I mentioned but also makes quality smartphones and other electrical accessories. We will be looking at reviews for Hisense h9e vs h9f differences, features, displays, connectivity, and much more.

This company made a lot of smart TVs that have been in good demand since their date of manufacture. In this article, we will talk about the Hisense h9e and Hisense h9f. If you are on the market for a TV, making a choice from numerous brands on the market can be challenging. This is why we are comparing between buying the H9E model over the H9F model.

Here, we will look at their detailed specifications, focusing on the display, audio, video as well as the connectivity features. After that, we have a list of the video, audio, and image formats that support smart TV choices. Also, check out the Best Soundbar Under 500.

For further comparison, we will look at the advantages of having one model over the other, to help you choose the one that will suit your preferences. First of all, let us look at the overview of both TVs.

Hisense h9e vs h9f


First of all, we have to highlight a few characteristics that both of these TVs have before jumping into all the specifications, advantages, and features.

The H9E and the H9F both have the same high resolution of 4K Ultra HD (3840 X 2160) on an LCD display. If you are not familiar with the meaning of resolution, it is the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical sides of the screen, which, in this case, is 3840 and 2160. Try these complete reviews on Soundbars vs Surround Sound Systems.

The concept is that the more pixels a TV has, the greater the resolution, and a larger resolution means the quality is increased, this implies that you are likely to see good quality images on that screen.

On top of the resolution, the H9F model and image processor also known as the Hi-viewTM processor, which is probably one of the best features a smart TV can have.

What does an image processor really do? More information on this will be looked at below so read on.

Also, the TVs have HDR10 as well as HLG support. Both of these functions are geared towards providing a great quality image, just to give you that life-like TV experience to make you feel like you are part of what you are watching.

Now that we have given you an idea of what information we will be covering, it is time to jump into the information. We will start with the basics. Check out our Best Budget Sound Bar Under 100. Check my the recent article on Hisense R6 Vs TCL 4 Series Reviews

Basic Information

Info TypesH9EH9F
Year of Release20182019
TV TypeSmart TvSmart Tv

Hands down to the USA for being one of the best flat-screen TV manufacturing countries, especially on brands like Hisense. 

As we can see from their model number as well as their year of release, the Hisense H9E model was made in 2018 and the H9F was released a year later-possibly with additional features and updates from the 2018 model. Check our Best Wireless TV Speakers For Hard Of Hearing.

From there, let us get into the detailed specifications on each of these TVs, providing a side to side comparison. Here are the display characteristics.


Resolution4K UHD (3840 X 2160)4K UHD (3840 X 2160)
Actual Diagonal Size54.6”54.6”
Display TechnologyLCDLCD
Backlight DimmingFull Array Local DimmingFull Array Local Dimming 
Local Dimming Zones10132
Backlight TypeLEDLED
LED TypeDirect LEDDirect LED
Screen DesignFlatFlat
Refresh Rate120 Hz120 Hz
Panel TypeVAVA
Panel Bit Depth8 bits + FRC8 bits + FRC

Hisense introduced the Backlight Dimming feature in their TVs. As stated, the type of backlight dimming that is in both of these TVs is the Full Array Local Dimming. However, there is a difference in the number of local dimming zones. 

  • The number of local dimming zones in the H9E model is 10 while the H9F model has 132 local dimming zones- this clearly came as an update of the H9E model. 
  • On the color, both the H9E and H9F use a wide color Gamut feature. The color depth is 1.07 Billion in both TVs- no other smart TV can get much deeper than this. 
  • Besides this, the TVs have a VA panel type as well as a Panel Bit Depth of 10 bits (or 8 bits plus a frame rate Control feature). The frame rate control allows the pixels to show more tones. 
  • However, the TVs do not have a wide viewing angle so you will only have to sit directly facing the TV rather than sitting on the side. Sitting anywhere away from the center can result in viewing low-quality images with poor contrast and an irritating glow. 
Hisense H9E Plus VS H9F Reviews

Video Features 

Advanced HDR by TechnicolorNoNo
AMD FreesyncNoNo
Dolby VisionYesNo
IMAX EnhancedNoNo
Noise ReductionYesYes
Frame Interpolation TechniqueMotion RateUltra Smooth Motion
Frame Interpolation Frequency480 Hz120 Hz

Both of these TVs have a video Upscaling feature called a 4K Upscaler. But, what does an Upscaler do?

  • It is responsible for scaling any video of a small scale to a higher scale of 4K, filling up your screen, and allowing you to watch it at a higher scale.
  • Unfortunately, the TVs do not have an HDR10+ as well as an Advanced HDR by Technicolor so the quality on these screens can’t possibly be as good as those TVs that do have these features. 
  • They do not have both the 4K HFR and the 2K HFR functions. On top of that, the H9E and the H9F cannot support 3D viewing.  

Audio Features

Speaker Power rating10W X 210W X 2
Dolby AtmosNoNo
WiSA readyNoNo

As you can see from the list of Hisense h9e vs h9f audio features are the same, the speaker power rating for both TVs is 10W X 2. The two models have no Dolby atmos and WiSA ready features. Try these Top 10 Best Soundbars Under 200 and give your TV a boost.


Wi-Fi Frequency2.4 GHz, 5 GHz2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Wi-Fi Protocol802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet InputYes Yes
HDMI ports44
HDMI Version 2.0a 2.0a
HDMI Audio Return ChannelYes Yes
USB Input (s)22
USB 3.0 Input11
Google HomeNoNo
Virtual AssistantNoYes
Works with AlexaYesYes
Composite InputsYesYes
RCA Audio OutputYesNo
3.5mm Headphone Audio OutputYesYes
Optical Audio OutputYesYes
RF Inputs11
HDCP Version2.22.2

For those who like to listen to music at very high volumes, the speakers on these TVs are not built for the job. As such, you might lose some quality sounds, to get the best out these Hisense TVs, add a good wireless surround sound speakers for tv.

The advantage of these TVs is that they have a 3.5mm Headphone Audio output, which you can use to connect to separate speakers and listen to music just the way you like it. 

As of movies, both TVs will be able to handle it as it is what they were built for. 

These TVs also have Bluetooth capabilities. With this connectivity feature, you can connect your TV to your phone or your computer to transfer files. These cheap Soundbars Under 300 are ideal if you are under the budget.

Other Features

Operating SystemAndroidAndroid
Internet BrowserNoYes
Parental Control (V-chip)YesYes
Closed CaptionsYesYes
On-screen Display LanguagesEnglish/French/SpanishEnglish/French/Spanish

The best part of using a smart TV that has an Android operating system is that you do not have to worry about not being able to master how to use it. You have probably used this operating system before in your phone.

Format Support

There are so many formats that your TV can support. It is very important to know what type of format your TV can support, to avoid unnecessary disappointments. We have categorized the formats into video, audio, and image formats.

Supported Video Format

3GPP Yes YesYesYes
Flash VideoYesYes
VC-1, VP9YesYes
Hisense H9E Stand
Hisense H9E Stand
Hisense H9F Stand
Hisense H9F Stand

Supported Audio Formats


Supported Image Formats


Power and Weight

Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 HzAC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption in standby0.5 Watts0.5 Watts
Weight without stand34.2 lbs31.5 lbs
Weight with stand35.3 lbs33.3 lbs

When it comes to dimensions, the H9E model measures at 48.5 X 28.3 X 2.6 inches (W X H X D) without the stand while the H9F measures at 48.5 X 27.8 X 2.8 inches without the stand.

On the other hand, when each model stand is attached the dimensions measure at 48.5 X 30.6 X 9.1 inches and 48.5 X 30.7 X 9.5 inches of the H9E and H9F models respectively.

Final Verdict

Which one do you choose?

Each TV has its advantages over the other. To make your choice, go for the one that has more characteristics based on your preferences. 

As of the price, both of these flat-screen TVs are relatively cheap.

SOURCES: https://hisense.co.uk/

Hisense H9E VS H9F

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