Headphones – The Ultimate Headphone Buyer’s Guide

best guide to headphone reviews

Headphones usually cost several hundred dollars, if not a couple of thousands for special edition headphones and high-end headphones.
Rightly so, there is a wireless headphone with noise cancellation technology that looks stylish and offers great sound quality at an affordable price.

The Ultimate Headphone Buyer’s Guide

Such a brand like the Bluedio H Turbine which is often overlooked actually delivers great sound and features for a fraction of price.

So, if you are looking for quality headphones what should you really be looking for in a good pair of headphones?

1: Headphone Use

What sort of use do you want the pair of headphones for? Is it best headphones for running, headphones for TV listen for impaired hearing or is it best Workout headphones you want?

2: Headphone Design

When I want a good pair of headphones, the design is always on my mind. As a huge fan of classic design, I am always on the lookout for little subtle cues to such things in my kind of headphone design. So, whatever design features you want in your headphones, make sure you have them spotted in your choice of headphones.

Headphone Design
Headphone Design

Its little features like how to change the language of these headphones or how to pair them with other audio gadgets that make up the most user experience for a good headphone.

Sometimes it’s not good enough to just have a headphone user manual that simply says press and hold this button down or toggle through these available features to accomplish ABCD!

3: Headphone Features

Best headphones always have feature-rich focus design for the market niche they are designed for. Best running headphones tend to have wireless and noise cancellation as their selling point. So it makes sense to make sure that such headphones features are prominently featured in the headphone design aesthetics.

Headphone Features
Headphone Features

And for savvy headphone brands like the new blue turbine fifth-generation headphones are the ones that have recently stormed the market with premium rich features like a 57-millimeter driver, it also comes with active noise cancellation, premium materials such as metal inches and has a USB type-c port. And all of that for a meager bottom price of less than $50.

It’s when you see such feature-rich headphones like these that leave you wondering what’s the catch?

Well, if you go through a few headphone real buyer reviews at Amazon, you will start to see a pattern with a certain brand which can easily keep your expectations in check because these real buyer reviewers are giving you first-hand info so you end up buying into a battle-tested headphone set because you found all sort of information and specifications and features you need quite handy at the time you are making buying decisions.

Best headphone reviews always aggregate a list of all the descriptions down for you as well as pointing you to check out best deals inside its buyer’s guide to headphone brand range and that prepares you for what to look for inline with your pre-qualification feature-list.

What to expect in the best headphones package

Most headphone package contains all kinds of accessories such as a USB to type-c cable, a type c to 3.5-millimeter headphone jack cable as well and some of the high-end headphones for tv or gaming headphones do come with a standard pouch and a printed pdf user manual that comes in numerous language translations.

What to expect in the best headphones package
What to expect in the best headphones package

From a marketing perspective, the only reason why you would pick one wireless headphone brand for gaming over the other is curiosity through marketing materials that looks really awesome or it could be previous experience and brand loyalty.

So, throughout this headphone buyer’s guide, we will have a look at various headphone brand models. From functional to bargain headphones, we will review all options so you can find the Ideal headphone set for gaming or workout.

Common problems with wireless gaming or working out headphones defects on the hinges, so it makes sense that the one you choose must not just be housed in a plastic headphone enclosure. Instead, choose running headphones made from metal hinges and the benefits are that they also feel really luxurious

If you are looking for running headphones, you want the type that does not fall out when you are in the middle of your running. Despite most running headphones come with a very cushiony and soft headband, they still are susceptible to falling out in the middle of your run or exercise.

That’s why, if you are an avid runner or workout enthusiast, Best wireless in-ear headphones are your best option for running headphones.

I recently got my own set of wireless in-ear headphones for my morning and evening runs. And I am telling you that I was a skeptic of this headphone brand, having used them over time, I really like them a lot and the ear cups are made from the exact same material which makes them really a masterpiece that is insanely affordable, featuring soft and cushiony and on the inside there’s some sort of cotton material and that it’s really easy to wear over the ear.

You too should be on the lookout for headphones that are wearable and very soft and must also feel pretty good for long time use.

Majority of headphones come with one-click buttons on the headphone and what you want in your headphone is one with the ACL button in the most obvious position so you can turn it on or off at any given moment.

If you are not aware, ACN is needed so you can start your headphones working at a click of a button.

The headset may also come with rechargeable power supply unit built-in which can only be accessed with USB type C port and a microphone for your phone calls.

As you run or workout, accepting or denying a call is easy with wireless headphones and the technology built-in most of these running headphones allows for an auto-pause or seamless play of audio files on your mobile phone.

The advanced technology in headphones will really surprise you and the build quality of these headphones, you will find that they’re without a doubt super comfortable to wear for a long time when traveling in the train or in the airplane.

Headphones Must Be Fashionable

For millennials, headphones are a fashion accessory, so if you are going to wear it as a fashion add-on, it must fit really nice over the ear and must look really dope while feeling premium too.

Headphone Sound Quality

Without super rich quality, sound headphones are worthless, therefore sound quality must be the first thing to look for.

How To Tell If The Headphone Is Rich in Sound And Quality?

For a start, the active noise cancellation field must actually be of a high standard. Best headphones are characterized by their ability to filter out some noise from the outside so you can enjoy the rich sound headphones provide.

The only challenge is that such quality headphones actually do come with a hefty price tag.

Sound quality is a premium feature to have in any headset and the moment you turn it on the sound quality crispiness must be consistent without any significant drops.

As mentioned above, the combination of over the ear and the high output of these headphones must cover large parts of the noise so active noise cancellation is a cool feature most headphones brands often use as a unique selling point.

Though let me point out that noise cancellation is definitely not needed in all forms of headphone uses.

Personally, I enjoy music or tv headphones with an amazing base and adopting the satanist 57-millimeter driver units and blue Leo’s own factor flow technology and therefore the base of the Bluedio t5 should are an example of favorably priced headphones with a premium look and a bunch of powerful features without the hefty price tag.

The headphone sound system distribution must certainly be well-balanced and that is something not often found on those cheaper versions of Chinese headphone brands where they put too much focus on the base and it is very difficult to find headphones with well-balanced frequencies

While all these other cheaper headphones still offer a level of audio experience, I personally have found the bass always getting a little bit more prominent and disrupts other instruments.

The best headphone with an evenly distributed audio system should not be too overpowering. Unfortunately, not all headphones deliver a pretty well balanced audio sound experience.

On the other hand, the explosion of video content on-demand has played a hand in the growing demands for better wireless headphones. The best Bluetooth headphones for running or tv watching have come through limps and bounds and a lot of smartphones nowadays have new Bluetooth applications for HD tv audio experience.

All these added together, increase the latency on the phone so it’s more comfortable, smooth and easy to watch movies on the go( mobile video content) and with high-quality latency, the audio is synchronized better with the video that you can see on the screen.

Best Bluetooth headphones for running can also connect up to two devices at the same time( with a little tweak using apps) so whenever you’re working on a laptop, you can also play music.

The only downside with other Bluetooth headphones is that when you pair it with the laptop using mobile apps, every time you get a notification the phone, the Bluetooth cuts off the audio tunnel from the laptop which can be annoying.

Best Bluetooth headphones Must Have Better Battery Life

Now, as long as you are using Bluetooth headphones, the battery life should be of concern. Any wireless headphone must have a battle-tested battery that can manage to put enough charge for hours of use without needing to re-charge.

Any best headphone must allow for music airplay good enough for approximately 18 to 20 hours and that’s with ACN turned off.

If those hours of battery life also include every once in a while phone charting of an hour or so, it’s actually pretty good

All in all, the best Bluetooth headphones actually work well in a more balanced, sounds better than the over-represented bass and I will definitely recommend that you keep one of these around at the office.

Chances are that your best headphones will not have to score high on the aesthetics side of design and presentation. We all know that what glitters is not always gold, so I have to say that much of your emphasis and higher expectations should be placed a little bit more on the sound quality and less on the cosmetic build quality and more on sound clarity and not the bass.

If you nail those down really well, I think you will find that you do not have to spend huge sums of money to get a more premium feeling and looking headphone with a pretty decent all-around sound profile.
And I honestly do think that even if you discounted the ANC, a decent headphone with a $50 price tag can rival most of the mainstream wireless headphones on the high street. It really doesn’t get much better than that…