Grado SR225 Vs SR225E: The Difference With Comparison Tables

Grado SR225 Vs SR225E

Music has such a huge impact on our day to day lives. Music talks about things that happen every day- in most cases, things that we would normally not talk about. Having a gadget, an instrument, a sound system, or a headphone either the Grado SR225 or Grado SR225E to listen to music makes it more susceptible to enjoy music.

It has been proven that the type of music we listen to determines the kind of person that we are. So, I guess it is safe to say that music defines us.

With good music, you need to have good headphones, those that will let you enjoy your music at a high quality and with so much detail. This is why I am bringing you a comparison between these two headphones, the Grado SR225 vs SR225E.

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Speaking of these two headphones, I have brought to you a complete comparison for one of the great headphone manufacturers, Grado, a company with one of the best selling music gadgets. Their products are flying off the shelves into people’s hands so fast one will only ponder and wonder why, but of course, with these comparisons, you will find out why.

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Part Number SR225e
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Who is Grado?

The Grado Labs was founded in 1953 by Joseph Grado in Brooklyn, since then the company has been producing Grado phono cartridges and Grado headphones.

If you aren’t really familiar with this brand, Grado is one of the leading brands that have gained worldwide recognition for manufacturing electronics, particularly headphones plus all the accessories that go with them. 

Throughout their 61 years of making Grado headphones, they have taken in modern advancements, which can be found in each new product that they produce. In other words, they always stay ahead of the game. 

Their headphones are made with durable materials and can be used on different platforms. This means they are not only suitable for music, but you will also be able to use them for gaming and many more (this may depend on the sizes of the ports on the other side)

In this article, I want to provide you with a detailed comparison between the Grado SR225 vs SR225e, just so you can find out which one of these will be suitable for you. 

Grado SR225
Grado SR225

The Grado SR225 vs SR225e models, a quick overview

First of all, let me start by saying that the Grado SR225e model came as an update of the Grado SR225 headphones, which can be easily noticed through their model numbers. 

While this may be so, these two headphones are actually not very different. The similarities that we know so far are that both of these models are open-back headphones. 

To those who aren’t familiar with the term, open back headphones, just like the name states, are those headphones that are made in a design that has the open back. However, such headphones always leak music. Because they leak, they can make people around you uncomfortable, mainly when you travel with them. 

Despite that, the Grado SR225 and SR225E open-back headphones are great, especially for music producers as well as sound engineers, because they come with great balanced quality.  

Another thing about these headphones is that they do not come with a microphone so if you are looking for headphones that come with a microphone in the package, you might want to look elsewhere. 

Overall, both of these models have produced high-quality audio and they come with a lot of great features that will blow your mind. Speaking of features: 

What are the features? 

These headphones come with some amazing features that will make them excellent for your listening experience. Let’s start with the overall design


As we mentioned before, both of these models have an open-back design. This means that they are one of the headphones that leak sound. 

As such, they can really disturb the people that are around you, for instance on the bus, because they will hear everything, even at lower volumes. Generally, the SR225 and the SR225e were built in a design that makes them similar to the Grado SR60, the Grado SR80e as well as the Grado SR125 models. 

While this might be the case, the SR225 and the SR225e models were built with padding that is much thicker on the ear cups. These make sure that you get the maximum comfort in using these headphones. 

Also, the padding doesn’t apply too much pressure on your ears because it has cushion-like fibers. The downfall of these types of padding is that they are easy to tear and they also look very cheap.

Portability (Weight).

The SR225 and SR225e are moderately portable in a couple of factors. First of all, they are generally not as heavy to carry around. 

To be more specific, the weight of the SR225 falls at around 170 grams while the weight of the SR225e is a bit higher, at 230 grams. 

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Because of these weight characteristics, you can listen to music for an extended period of time without feeling like you have carried the whole solar system on your head. 

However, the sad part about the design is that the ear cups are much larger for an on-ear design. Also, they do not fold, which means that they can take up a lot of your space. 

Besides that, a lot of users have stated that the cable is bulk, hence it is annoying and it is very hard to carry around. 


In terms of stability, both of these designs are quite disappointing. Their design doesn’t allow them to fit on your head but doesn’t allow them to be stable.

Because they are not stable, they were not designed for activities like sports, you can go for those sports headphones instead. They can very easily fall off your head when you are in physical activity. 

Even though you may not get very physical, these headphones will also fall off your head when you simply tilt your head too far. 

Other than that, they are very stable for any normal, casual listening and they have a padding that was made to add a little more stability to the design.  

What do they sound like?

When you are looking for headphones to buy, the sound quality is the first characteristic that should be on your mind. First of all, we will look at the frequencies

Frequency features- Sound.

In terms of the sound frequencies, the highest frequency, and the lowest frequency of the SR225 as well as the SR225e falls at 22000 and 20 respectively. 

If you aren’t familiar with what these frequencies are, the high frequency implies to treble sounds, those that are at the higher end of human hearing. Examples of trebles sound are guitars tones and piccolos among many others. 

The lower frequencies feature those that come from much deeper sounds. Drums and bass guitars fall in this section. The bass amount produced from these models is about -5.95 dB while the treble is at 1.41 dB. This applies to both the Grado SR225e and SR225.

Grado SR225E
Grado SR225E

Other Sound Characteristics

Frequency Response Consistency0.38 dB0.38 dB

Bass Accuracy

Std. Err.3.23 dB3.23 dB
Low-Frequency Extension51.13 Hz51.13 Hz
Low-Bass-6.62 dB-6.62 dB
Mid-Bass-1.37 dB-1.37 dB
High-Bass-0.0 dB-0.0 dB

Mid Accuracy

Std. Err.1.75 dB1.75 dB
Low-Mid0.41 dB0.41 dB
Mid-Mid0.01 dB0.01 dB
High-Mid1.65 dB1.65 dB

Treble Accuracy

Std. Err.5.41 dB5.41 dB
Low-Treble4.12 dB4.12 dB
Mid-Treble3.79 dB3.79 dB
High-Treble0.65 dB0.65 dB

Do they have noise reduction? 

Sadly, both the Grado SR225E or SR225 are very poor at reducing background noise. Most of these noise cancelling features are from the design, these headphones weren’t designed to eliminate external noise. Read about my noise cancelling headphones for the best headphones when it comes to eliminating outside noise. 

As I said before, they have an open-back design, so it is virtually impossible for headphones that have an open back design to be good at reducing background noises.

Reducing background noises mostly comes with closed-back headphones. Generally, such headphones don’t leak as well, meaning that you will be kept isolated, no one will hear what music you are listening to and you will not get distracted by any sounds that may be in your immediate surroundings. 


Having one of these models comes with some advantages, some of which are:

Lightweight design.

No one wants to travel with headphones that will feel like they are walking around with Thor’s heavy hammer, even though I might have exaggerated the joke a bit. 

Both of these headphones are made with light material and as such, they are very lightweight. It can easily be assumed that another reason why these headphones are light is that they do not have a lot of advanced features, like Bluetooth, an inbuilt battery, or even a microphone. 

Open sound Quality.

While these headphones may not have a lot of features that you would expect in modern headphones, they offer great sound quality. 

To be honest, you will find the sound in these headphones very amazing. They give you a slightly punchy bass and an uplifted treble, making them excellent for music genres like electronic dance music or hip-hop, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy other genres

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Everything has its downfalls. Below are the main disadvantages of these two models:

Stability Issues.

We talked about this not so long ago in this article. In terms of stability, the SR225 and SR225e are very poor as they easily fall off when you tilt your head, which means they are not good for physical activities like the Gym. 

Build design.

These headphones were built with a plastic material that is considered to be flimsy. The bad side about such types of plastics is that they can’t sustain a couple of accidental falls, which will be happening often because they are not stable.

Grado SR225 Vs Grado SR225E
Grado SR225 Vs Grado SR225E


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