Google Pixel Buds Review

Google Pixel Buds Review
Google assistant
Easy voice control with a button
Balance treble and bass
No secure fit
Poor connectivity
No choice of earbud tips

Google pixel buds review is for the older earbuds, the new google pixel buds 2 are yet to be released. The trend on Google pixel has given rise to a demand by customers looking for Google pixel earbuds review. The Google pixel earbuds were Google’s way of trying to compete on Apple Airpods success, which included a smart voice assistant and top-notch sound.

google pixel earbuds review

With the Google pixel buds, the google assistant will replace the Siri, not only that, but Google will also introduce Google Pixel bud translation, a real-time translation. Not only that you could play music also. In this article, we will be covering so much like Google Pixel buds review translation and a complete look on all google pixel buds review both design, sound, and features. Read here to find out more about The Ultimate Headphone Buyer’s Guide.

The Build

Google bud unlike any other bud, is not wireless, at least not the new Google Pixel bud 3, it has a cable that connects the two buds and goes behind the neck. It has a carry case for storing the buds and also acts as a charging point. It uses USB to connect to power.

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I must say that the carry case is somehow looking nice, that being said, the bud sits comfortably inside the case right on the charging sensor that charges the bud.
Even though we see a diagram that shows how to wrap the cable in the carry case, getting it wrapped correctly is a challenge on its own.

google pixel buds 3 review

The Google pixel buds have LED indicators and a tiny button that shows you if the buds are paired or pairing, and also tells battery power levels. A full charge will give out 5 hours of battery time.

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A normal or similar bud connect to already paired devices once the bud if out of the case or turned on, but with google pixel buds you will have to undergo many attempts. At some point, even the google pixel bud was finding it easy connecting. Read to find out about Is Bluetooth Safe?

Another thing to look at is how the Google pixel buds sit in the ear, like other earphones that burrow into the ear canal. The pixel buds sit completely loose within the ear, unlike other earbuds that burrow in. This is because the buds have no silicone tips, and doesn’t have any extra tips or any ear adjustable to make it fit. The pixel buds have only an adjustable cable that sits around the neck which also pulls up through the ear and acts as hook inside the ear. Check out some of the best Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out.

Usually, a tighter earbud eliminates external sound, loose and uncomfortable fit will not keep our external noise and loose. A few people will wear one size fits all like the Google pixel buds while most people will have problem getting it to fit making not the best for sound.

google pixel buds translate review

The Features

Touch-sensitive button: The buds have touch-sensitive control on the right earbud, this allows them to start up the Google assistant command, skip tracks and adjust volume, turn the phone on/off, receive and make voice calls. You can use the Google assistant earbud to issue commands like making phone calls, so it seems, in practicals it is difficult. Even when you think your first language is English, you may find out you are not as English as you think, thank google pixel buds.

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Google Assistant: Like Siri which listens to your command, finds the music, and plays it, so is the Google assistant, it listens, finds the music, or artist page, you have to play it yourself. Check out the comparison between Open Back Headphones vs Closed-Back.

Google Pixel Bud Translation: Another feature is the google pixel buds translation, this is actually a real-time translation. This feature is effective because it uses the google translate app for the live translation of foreign languages.

The google pixel buds aren’t the ideal running earbud or used for any other sports, they are not waterproof either. There are better and best running earphones and also better waterproof earphones. The earbuds are not easily fitting making it hard to run or exercise with them. Here are some of the Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones For Working Out.

google pixel buds 2 review

The Sound

The sound is reasonably ok but will be better with either silicon tips or a fit in the mechanism which is supposed to help seal the sound. The ear hooks are not the best, with a restrictive design making it hard to keep external sound at bay. The audio would be the best if the pixel buds are able to seal outside noise, the sound will be better, but that not the case. if you are interested in wireless headphones, then check out the Best Cheap Wireless Headphones For Running.

Among these failed features comes an unexpected wow sound, the treble, and bass. The pixel buds has a balanced treble and bass, a well handle vocals with clear and clean sound making it an added value for the earbud.

Earbuds like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II have punchy bass and quality sounds, unlike the pixel buds. Another good example is the Google pixel 2XL buds, the volume control can go from the lowest volume to the highest with just a simple touch. This can scare you if you ain’t familiar with this sudden loud noise in your ears.

Are the Google pixel buds good?

From this review of Google pixel buds, I have come to learn something, they are overpriced, they are not wireless, not a great sound, not a good ear fit, the Google pixel buds translation works. If you have the intension of getting as wireless, then check out some wireless earphones.

Are pixel buds better than AirPods?

The new pixel buds 2 are lighter and musch smaller, have no fabris cover like previous one, they are now wireless earbuds making it ideal reabud to try out.

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Doea pixel buds have noise cancelling?

Noise cancelling is usually a special feature that helps block external noise Pixel buds are not built that way, they are not a secure fit thereby leaking vital sounds and let in noise. Check out some of our noise-canceling earphones.

How long do pixel buds last?

How long do pixel buds last, on a full charge, you should get up to five hours playtime or listening time? To charge them place them in to carry case,

google pixel buds review 2020


If you are looking for wireless headphones or wireless earbuds that sound great and can eliminate noise, then pixel bud is not for you. The great attribute for Google pixel buds review is having Google smart assistant and Google pixel buds language translation. The mentioned features are not only compatible with the pixels, just so you know. For low budget headphones, check out the Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100: On-Ear Headphones.

The many crimes of Google pixel buds are lack of fit, complicated charging process, tricky connections, and sound quality. One may think that this is Google and things should be right, anyway, the many faults of pixels and the good sides have all been listed for you.

My take: What is the earbud good for? It is ideal for traveling especially to foreign countries where real-time translation works for you. The new Good Pixel buds 2 is wireless and it will be interesting to get my hands on them.


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