The Gaming Chair Guide – Complete Buyer Guide

The Gaming Chair Guide - Complete Buyer Guide

In the late ’50s and ’60s, who would have thought that a special type of gaming chair will be in high demand and supply. This quirky aesthetic chairs are meant for one purpose, as a floor video gaming chair and not your average home chair. The floor chair has small or no legs or bases just like your average chair, making one wonder how safe and comfortable it is. This article covers the comprehensive guides into some of the gaming chair guide, looking at some of the key features that make these gaming chairs stand out. Check out the 10 Best Floor Gaming Chairs Reviews.

Types of video gaming chairs

As the gaming world increases, so are gaming chair makers coming up with more sophisticated chairs that allow the gamer to enjoy true comfort. There are now 4 main types of gaming chairs, the racing simulator chairs, console gaming chairs, PC gaming chairs, and bean bag gaming chairs.

Pc gaming chairs

The Gaming Chair Guide - Complete Buyer Guide

These chairs are very ergonomic, they provide complete comfort for the user even when seated for a long time. This type of gaming chair is ideal for professional gamers and others who sit mostly with their pc for a long time. The pc gaming chair is designed with a high back to support the head and neck, and a 5 star wheeled base for easy mobility and pedestal seat. The armrest is also comfortable which makes you want to sit for a long period.

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Console gaming chairs

Console gaming chairs

This floor gaming chair is designed for console gamers, those who sit in front of the tv to play games. The console chair for games has some inbuilt features like USB ports and or speakers. The chairs come with either small or no base which helps provide comfort and gives the user a lower wider angle of the TV. It is relaxing while laying comfortably on your back while playing games.

Racing simulator chair

Racing simulator chair

These types of gaming chairs are designed for professional game racing drivers or anyone into the racing games. The chairs and usually equipped with some accessories like wheels and pedals, unlike the two previous chair chairs. These game floor gaming chairs are not really common among every gamer, but specifically for those into racing games, and can be quite expensive.

Bean bag chair

Bean bag chair

The bean bag gaming chair is common among gamers because they are versatile and allow a gamer to easily change body posture. The bean bag gaming chair provides comfort and support. They have only a few accessories like water holders and maybe a popcorn holder. The headrest, neck support, and armrest also good and they come cheap.

Best floor gaming chair guide

Before you venture into buying a gaming chair either as a newbie or returning customer, here are a few key points to consider before doing so.


All gaming chairs come in different sizes and shapes, whether big or small it may not be right for you. How to know the right game chair size, check that the head and neck rest is well supported, check that they have the right seating position that can provide firmness to your feet.


The first thing that should also come to mind is the seat on the gaming chair if they are firm or solid enough to take your weight and to allow easy movement. The padding of the chair must be right to avoid pressure sores when seating for a long time. Also if the seat is level enough to avoid bumpy edges and pains at the back of your legs when sat for too long.


Based on the area of your gaming specialty of just watching tv, you should outline the type of chair for the game needed. Remember that these chairs are designed for specific purposes, racing simulator gaming chairs will not be the best for some just playing pc games of just want to seat on the computer.


It will be in your best interest and comfort to choose one which has the right backrest, either they are adjustable or can recline. Being able to adjust your gaming chair to fit your position at all times is key to a comfortable floor gaming chair. Having a gaming chair with the right backrest saves you from having back and neck pain.


Price is another important thing to consider when shopping for the best floor gaming chair. The fact that it is pricey doesn’t mean it will provide what you need. The more accessories a gaming chair has the more expensive it can be. You should always go for type, seat, backrest comfort, and size before determining the price you are will to pay. For a floor game chair with the right attribute is worth every penny.