Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer

Floor standing speakers have richer sounds, powerful bass, and an acoustic sound. Our selection of floor standing speakers with subwoofer has all you need to light up any living space with richer sounds.

Do you need a subwoofer with floor standing speakers?

What subwoofer does is increase the bass of the music or movie, and create a louder sound for the stereo player. But with a floor standing speakers with subwoofer, you don’t really need anymore subwoofer except if you want your neighbors to pack out, but some of the listed speakers can also bed connected to a subwoofer for a more richer sound. Unless specifically stated that the speaker has no subwoofer or may need a subwoofer, then you might want to get one and also an amp, otherwise, you don’t really need any subwoofer with a floor standing speakers with subwoofer.

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf?

Firstly, floor standing speakers, unlike bookshelf don’t, need going on a bookshelf or a speaker stand. Floor standing speakers usually have more bass output and they sound much louder than bookshelf speaker. Even though some floor standing speakers don’t have a subwoofer or are not full-range speakers. If you have floor standing speakers with richer sounds like we do here, you might want to pack up your bookshelf speaker as these pack a huge punch.

Can I use floor standing speakers for surround sound?

Floor standing speakers can be used for many things like surround sound system, but they are usually used as the main front speakers. Among the things, you can use a floor standing speakers as a rear surround system, also if the floor-standing speaker comes in a 5.1 channel system. Usually, a stand-alone floor standing speaker will have dome tweeters (maybe 2 or 3) and large subwoofers, but if it comes as a 5.1 channel, then both tweeters and subwoofer come separately.

Can any speaker be used as a subwoofer?

If the speaker has a subwoofer, then yes you can, but if the speaker has no subwoofer, there is no point. What subwoofers do is to improve the sound stereo system, but not just any speakers, subwoofers does that. Subwoofers are usually used in home theater systems to bring out a richer sound, deeper bass if properly integrated with the right sub with inbuilt or external amp, it will deliver a heavy punch.

Where should I place my subwoofer or floor standing speaker in my room?

Floor standing speakers are usually used as a surround system or front speakers, just like subwoofers they can be placed in the corner of the room which can make it sound louder. You can place the floor-standing speaker in the middle of the room, (below image) it is a 5.1 channel floor-standing speaker, well connected and I can tell you, my house sounds like a mini club, always tempted to have an indoor party, but that’s once in a while. Another way is to try which sides produce louder and richer sounds, but you have to consider your floor space so it is not out of your listening.

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer

Most of these floor standing speakers are sold in pair, so check well with the seller to know what you are buying

Top Floor Standing Speakers

Polk 2 LSiM707 Floor-Standing Tower Speakers

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
  • Mid/Woofer
  • Cassini Oval Subwoofer Radiators
  • Enhanced Ring Radiator Tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits

If you are looking for a home theater floor standing speaker, then this is a must-have for the home. Imagine watching a movie at home, it feels like you are in the cinema, the sound vibrates, produces huge richer sound, deep bass with a midrange speaker. The Polk floor standing uses a dynamic sonic engine to enhance your listening pleasure and cover a wide range of the whole room with richer sound. An integrated lightweight mid-woofer and a Cassini oval subwoofer radiators together create a speaker withing a speaker to deliver a sound like no other.

The sound of this speaker will silence any bookshelf speaker, it is much louder, smoother, and well balanced. Each speaker has a separate chamber, like the tweeters and woofers which increases imaging and transient responds, while the subwoofer in its own chamber delivers a superior low-frequency response. Even at high volume, the Klippel motor optimizes a uniform, well-balanced performance. The dynamic balance technology balances the sound, eliminate distortions and resonance. You have to try this floor standing speaker to believe its performance.

Aperion Audio Verus III Grand Floor Standing Front Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
amazon images
  • Axially Stabilized Radiator
  • Silk Dome Tweeter
  • Woven-Kevlar Midrange Drivers
  • Two woven Kevlar Woofers
  • Rubber Surrounds
  • Impedance 4 Ohms
  • Power output 20-300

The Aperion floor standing home theater speaker is a passive speaker that can be used as the main speaker and a surround channel theater system. Designed with an anti-resonant to minimize panel resonance and increase bass-reflex just like you are in the real action. It has a medium-density fiberboard and curvilinear design which increase its rigidity making it produce sound even at a high level without distortions only heavy vibration from the woofer. Recreated harmonics for clear smoother richer sounds and real actor or singers voice accuracy.

It is bi-amp with one woofer while the other with the mid and tweeter help to separate the high and low frequency to aide in eliminating any interaction, and reduce distortion. It also has a 5-way binding post so it can connect any way you want, using either a flat pin, round pin or banana plugs. This is how good speakers work, easy but powerful. Ideally, this floor standing speaker can not be connected directly with a turntable but should use a receiver or amp. I will recommend not to do a bi-wiring because there shouldn’t be a reason for the type of connection. Source

Sony Complete 8 Floor Standing Speaker System

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • Consistent 4K quality
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Lifelike audio
  • High-resolution audio
  • DSEE HX upscaling
  • DSD native playback
  • Google assistant
  • Active subwoofer
  • 360 decree surround sound

If you are looking for a 360 decree surround sound system, welcome to try this Sony 7.2 channel floor-standing speaker. This Home theater floor standing speaker support Dolby atmos to produce a real cinematic surround sound makes the whole room feel like a cinema. At high volume, you forget you are actually in your home, with a 4k pass pass-through feature. This feature allows data through without interfering with the quality of the image on your TV. Sony created perfection at its best with this home theater surround system, with multiple audio decoders you will experience an all-round entertainment at its best.

It comes with a Google Home voice control, you only command and it follows without even moving. These speakers can be positioned all around the room, for a life-like audio experience.

Polk Audio TSi300 Floorstanding Tower Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • High-performance
  • Balance dome tweeter
  • Bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers

Here is another floor standing speaker from Polk audio TSi300, graded as one of the best compact tower speakers. This speakers can serve as a front channel for a home theater system or main speaker and can be pair with Polk Audio SW505 subwoofer for ultimate sound. It is a high-performance loudspeaker for general use in the home. Design to fit around the house with a stylish finish, a truly floor standing speaker not to miss.

It can be amplified using 20 – 150 watts frequency. Well complimented with a bi-laminate fiber cone woofer and a dynamic balance dome tweeter. I recommend you use the Polk Audio SW505 subwoofer and Sony STR-DH790 7.2-ch AV receiver with Bluetooth if you want more bass that will blow you away, and you can also control the speaker you want a set. Each of these speakers can handle up to 200 watts, really a great speaker.

Pioneer Andrew Jones Designed Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • Impedance is 6 ohm
  • 130 Watt power output
  • 8 element sophisticated crossover
  • 3 surface woofers
  • 1 soft dome tweeter

Pioneer has been making the quality speaker and the new introduction of this Andrew Jones design, the SP-FS52 floor standing speaker is something that anyone looking for the best on a low budget can afford. The Andrew Jones SP-FS52 is one of the best floor standing speaker ideal for home theater systems, not only that, but it also serves as gaming, music, and video speakers. The reason is that these speakers have an oversizes magnet woofers that deliver bass like no other. You have to know that Andrew Jones is the Chief speaker engineer for pioneer, designed not only as a tribute, but to show what low budget speakers should sound like, and this speaker is over the roof when it comes to sound.

This speaker has some significant features, it is designed to handle the heavy sound production, with a high-performance floor speaker, with very low standing sound waves. It has a 130 watts power output, sophisticated crossover, a high efficient soft dome tweeter and can also use an amp to produce its full capacity. Even though the impendence is 6 ohm, it can handle an 8-ohm receiver with up to 300 watts. For best result, try pairing it with Pioneer VSX-530-K 5.1 Channel AV receiver and Pioneer Powered Subwoofer.

BIC Amercia Acoustech Series PL-89 tower speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • Poly-injected woofers
  • Mid/high-frequency aluminum dome
  • Magnetic shielding
  • 250 watts power output
  • 600 watts peak power
  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • Heavy-duty surrounds

This beautiful floor standing speaker from BIC America acoustech PL-89 can be used as the main speaker or surround channel. Produces a powerful sound for both music and videos with poly injected cone woofers and a high-efficiency horn tweeter. This combination delivers richer sounds, lifelike sound with a compact enclosure just like a speaker within a speaker. The hand-rubbed finish of this design is scratch-resistant, ensuring that the speaker will stay a long time still looking like with just a small clean.

This is a 250 watts power output and a 2-way horn tower, mid/high-frequency dome horn with neodymium magnet. This a typical example of yet another powerful bass floor standing speaker, if the power of these speakers doesn’t move you, then amplify it for your desired sound.

Klipsch R-24F Floorstanding Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • 75W continuous with 300W peaks
  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • Lifelike performances
  • LTS horn-loaded tweeter
  • High-output IMG woofers

Klipsch has been among the top makers of sound systems, and recently they introduced the Klipsch R-24F floor standing speaker with very unique sound quality. The R-24F can fill any small to medium room size with its dual woofers and horn tweeter, you are sure to get the best of this speaker. The sound is clean and natural, minimizes distortion, enhances the music or video details. The graphite woofer produces a low-frequency response and minimal cone breakup, a rear-firing port and minimizes turbulence. For connection flexibility, this speaker has 5-way binding posts for bi-wiring and bi-amping.

They are also good for a 2 channel, and you can use the R25C center channel. To get the optimum sound for this speaker, you can use the Klipsch reference R-10SW 10 300w powered subwoofer and the Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-channel AV receiver. If you want to get the full Klipsch home theater system try the Klipsch 11.2 Dolby Atmos. This floor standing speakers are banged on, you will surely love them.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Tower Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • 4 layer coil woofers
  • AMT tweeter
  • Power handling 90 watts RMS/150 watts max

Another floor standing with woofer is the Dayton audio T652-AIR. It has a compact bass flex dual woofer with top quality and natural deep bass and very richer sounds. The Dayton also features an extended frequency range AMT tweeter for the performance. They can be pair a with any equipment rated 4 ohms to 8 ohms. These speakers are really a great HQ speaker and the sound is way up

These speakers deliver a real bass response with a heavy punch and deep bass, you can also amplify them with an amp of your choice and any subs you want, or choose from the once we recommend above. The tweeter creates a very smooth sound production, for a mid-high, give this speaker a try.

KEF Q550 Floorstanding Speaker

Floor Standing Speakers With Subwoofer
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  • Impedance is 8 ohm
  • Redesigned cabinet
  • Uni-Q driver array
  • Auxiliary bass radiators

This upgraded KEF Q550 has new features which make this floor standing speaker stand out, both a revamped unit Q driver and a damped tweeter combine to give the Q550 a sound like no other. Very smooth and low treble frequency driver, and an upgraded surround and rear suspension enabling it to maintain powerful bass even at the highest volume. The closed box midrange cabinet produces very clear natural bass with a heavy punch.


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