How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to TV

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to TV

Connecting Bluetooth wireless headphones to TV can be a hassle sometimes, even for a tech-savvy like you and me. We have all been there and it is not a new or strange experience. But with this article, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore trying to connect Bluetooth headphones to TV. What I am sharing here is my personal experience and how I came over it. So, feel free to also check out these Wireless TV Headphones For Hard Of Hearing

The best way to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to TV is by using the TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter. It enables you to connect compatible devices or any wireless headphones to any TV that does not have wireless connectivity. 

With this connection method, I will show you how to connect wireless headphones to TV, this also applies to TVs that do not have Bluetooth enabled or similar.  

There are many reasons why I needed to connect my wireless headphone to TV, one of them is to reduce noise so I don’t have to wake the kids or disturb my partner. Also to entertain me with those jaw-dropping tinkling sounds from most horror and action movies which require me to increase the speaker volume. So, these are my reasons for exploring the options of connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV. 

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TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter

The TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter is compatible with most Bluetooth speakers and headphone brands including Bose speakers and headphonesJBL speakers, and headphones. The wireless streaming can go as far as 30 feet with the headphones and speakers from the transmitter. 

Another important benefit of the Bluetooth transmitter is that it works while charging. The USB adapter can continually charge the transmitter while using it, while not on charge the transmitter battery can last up to 10 hours. 

With the TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter, you can connect to audio output devices like PC, TV, iPod, Kindle, and many more. It can also be paired with Bluetooth receivers, Bluetooth stereo, headphones, headset, and speakers. If you are wondering between speakers and headphones which is better, then read my recent article on Are Headphones Better Than Speakers?

How to Pair TaoTronics Transmitter with your Bluetooth device?

At the back o or bottom of the TV, look for the AUX port, plug in the transmitter. 

If this is the first time you are using the transmitter, then follow these steps.

The Bluetooth device and the transmitter must be placed next to each other or not more than 3 feet apart. 

  1. Press and hold the “Power Button” wait till the LED indicator flashes red and blue. 
  2. Once this happens the transmitter is now in pairing mode.
  3. Follow your device’s Bluetooth instructions to connect to the transmitter. Once you activate your device’s Bluetooth to pairing mode, it should pair automatically. 
  4. The LED indicator will turn red then flash blue once connected to your device.
  5. Once the Bluetooth device and transmitter have connected, the transmitter can remember previously paired devices.

If you experience some difficulty pairing with the transmitter, press the Power Button twice when on till you see red and blue LED flashes to clear the pairing history. 

Then restart the transmitter to pair again. Follow the steps again to try and connect TaoTronics Transmitter to any Bluetooth device.  

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to TV

How to Charge TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter? 

  1. The first step is to connect the charging port using any USB charging adapter, preferably the USB adapter that came with it, or you can use an active computer USB port.
  2. Usually, the charging starts automatically displaying a red LED indicator. 
  3. When the LED indicator on the transmitter turns off, this means it is fully charged. 
  4. It is recommended to charge the transmitter once every 3 months if not in use. Also, the transmitter battery should be fully charged before putting away. 

Can you use Bluetooth wireless headphones with a TV?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth wireless headphones with a TV if your TV has a built-in capability or by using a Bluetooth audio transmitter if your TV has no built-in Bluetooth capabilities. Using a transmitter to connect or pair your wireless headphones has many benefits, it helps reduce noise and also helps if your TV has no Bluetooth capability.  

Why my Taotronics transmitter won’t connect to Bluetooth headphones? 

There are a few reasons why the Taotronics transmitter won’t connect to Bluetooth headphones this include:

  • If the transmitter adapter is kept close to heat and humidity.
  • If it is exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  • If you have tried to take the adapter apart which can cause damage. 
  • If the adapter has been dropped on a hard surface which can damage the interior circuit.
  • If when trying to clean the adapter with liquids that can penetrate the device. 

How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?

There are two ways to know if your TV has Bluetooth. The first is to check the manual/instruction booklet. The second is to head to your TV “Settings”, then select “Sound”, and then select “Sound Output”. If your TV has Bluetooth then you should see the option “Bluetooth Speaker”. This process may vary from TV to TV, but almost similar. If the Bluetooth option is not there, your TV does not have Bluetooth.

Can I download Bluetooth on my smart TV?

You can not download Bluetooth on your smart TV, instead, you can use a 3.5mm AUX, RCA, or an optical audio output to connect your device with the TV. Alternatively, use a Bluetooth transmitter as described above.


Using a Bluetooth transmitter is an alternative for anyone looking at How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to TV. The TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter is one best option when connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to your TV.


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