Bose Surround Sound Speakers Review

Bose has come up with its smallest surround speakers with the intention of making the user concentrate more watching your favorite movies than keeping an eye on the speakers. This to me is a good idea. It’s small but mighty, it makes you fill you’re at the center on the game, crystal clear. This was designed more like sound/bass booster which you can wirelessly connect. It is compatible with the bose soundtouch 300, bose soundbar 500 and bose soundbar 700. You are not only going to hear the music but also feel it in you, it is a true masterpiece.

Can you connect the speakers to a standard pc/laptop?

No, you can not. In the future, bose may consider making this possible. At the moment it is designed to only connect with the Bose soundbar 500, Bose soundbar 700 and the soundtouch 300. They use low energy Bluetooth to connect with those soundbars and cannot connect to anything else.

Bose Surround Sound Speakers
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Is it worth the extra 300 to add more than one set of the speakers to a system?

It is worth every penny. I have the Bose Soundbar 500, but when I got to a friend’s house, I noticed the same soundbar he had but the bass is over the roof, then I noticed these small guys by the side. I got them from amazon then tried it on mine, now I listen to music every night while sleeping.

Are bose surround sound speakers wireless?

It is a wireless connection but only connects to bose range like soundbar 500, soundbar 700 and soundtouch 300. You don’t need long wires.

How do I connect my Bose surround sound speakers?

  • You should first connect the Bose speakers to a wireless receiver
  • Then at the back of the speaker, switch between left, if it is connecting the left side, and to the right, if it is connecting to the right
  • Plug the speaker/wireless receiver to nearest AC power outlet
  • Use the Bose app to add your soundbar
  • Use the displayed image to select your soundbar
  • Add bose accessory speakers through settings
  • It will display some instructions for you to follow

Do they bose speakers come with a stand?

When you just buy the speakers, it doesn’t come with a stand, but you can buy the stands separately either for floor standing or wall mount.

Bose Surround Sound Speakers
Bose Surround Sound Speakers Review 1

Where can to buy right stands

Where can you download the bose app?

You can download the Bose Connect on Google play and also you can download from App store


  • They are easy to connect
  • The sound it adds to your soundbar is magical
  • It is small and can be hidden away easily
  • Beautiful and eye-catcher


  • It is designed to support only bose products
  • It is pricy



Bose Surround Sound Speakers Review 2

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