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The Top 10 Best Betron Bluetooth Speakers

Are you under budget and looking for the best Bluetooth speakers by Betron? If you are then you’ve come to the right place, in this article we have listed what we believe are the 10 best Betron Bluetooth speakers.

To help pick apart the good from bad, we have sought out 10 of the best Bluetooth speakers and alongside we’ve also listed a buyer’s guide to help you know more or understand better about these devices.

List of Best Betron Bluetooth Speakers

Below is a list of all top Bluetooth speakers by betron, These items are not in order of price or quality, but we are confident you will make the right decision with your choice.

Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Betron D51 Bluetooth wireless speaker
Betron A3 Bluetooth wireless speaker
Betron KBS08 wireless Bluetooth speaker
Betron E45 wireless Bluetooth speaker
Betron NR200 Bluetooth speaker
Betron KRT50 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Betron MC500 Bluetooth speaker
Betron XR77 Bluetooth speaker
Betron E50 Bluetooth speaker

What to look for in Bluetooth Speakers

What to look for in a Bluetooth speaker is entirely dependent on your requirements, but apart from all that there are necessary features to look for in a Bluetooth speaker and they include the following:

1. Battery life

This feature is very important for every Bluetooth speaker. Long-lasting battery life is very important since you want to use if for outside where power sources may be out of reach. E.g, when you go out hiking, camping or on a picnic, strong battery life, is essential.

2. Portability

A Bluetooth speaker is supposed to be very portable, you should be able to just grab it and then take off, so dimensions and weight are important when Choosing an outside speaker, at least you should be able to carry it in your handbag or backpack.

3. Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity version and the quality of the connection are very important for every outdoor Speaker, avoid buying speakers with connection issues, it’s best to try a speaker before you purchase.

1. Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Betron BPS60 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with a smartphone, an iPad, iPod or MP3 player. This Betron BPS60 Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a 3.5mm audio cable for non-Bluetooth devices as well as being compatible with Bluetooth built-in tablets, smartphones, laptops, PC`siPads, iPhones, and iPods. The transmission range of the speaker is 8~10m, it is portable and perfect traveling, it is as well perfect for use in the home, garden, on the beach, picnics.

The Betron BPS60 mini rechargeable speaker contains lithium battery with 6 hours of playtime and is charged via Mini USB Cable supplied, it has a compact pop up design which provides maximum flexibility and delivers high sound quality.

Common questions:

Does the led change color while charging?

Once it is plugged in, a red color turns on and stays on while charging, but when charging is complete, the color changes to blue.

Does it work with android?

It is compatible with android devices and tablets.


  • Sound good for its size
  • The battery life is considerably good
  • Connectivity is good and easy to use
  • Its good value for money
  • Portable and transferable
  • Good for traveling


  • Pairing complains from users
  • Considerably low bass due to size
  • Connectivity issues with some laptops

2. Betron D51 Bluetooth wireless speaker

Betron D51 Bluetooth wireless speaker

A lot of customers have highly recommended the Betron D51 Bluetooth speaker because it delivers full, natural sound with deeper bass than you’d expect from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand.

The portable speaker is compatible with your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices, so you can listen to your music, videos or games anytime, anywhere. The speaker also has a built-in speakerphone that allows you to take calls out loud, too.

A lot of customers love the speaker because it is small and light enough to tuck into your bag as it weighs in at just 0.51 kg. Its low profile lets you place it almost anywhere and provides a low center of gravity that makes it nearly impossible to tip over. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers long playtime, and charges with most USB power sources.


  • – The speaker has a range of about 10 m, so you can enjoy the sound you want without wires.
  • Voice prompts talk you through pairing with your smartphone, iPhone or other Bluetooth devices, making it easier than ever.
  • The speaker remembers the most recent eight devices you’ve used, so reconnecting is even simpler.
  • The speaker lets you enjoy your music through 5W dual high-performance drivers and a unique enhanced bass
  • The speaker is equipped with the advanced Bluetooth technology, compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung mobile phones, tablets, computers, pc, laptops, etc
  • Allows you to connect the Bluetooth speakers directly to a non-Bluetooth device

Common questions:

Is Betron D51 waterproof?

For people looking for waterproof speakers to use in the bathroom or poolside, the D51 is not waterproof, but you can find other quality, waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

Is the Betron D51 compatible with televisions?

If the television is Bluetooth enable, the connection should be very easy, the most recent televisions are smart television with Bluetooth enabled. Check out some smart televisions.


  • Sound good with 5W unique enhanced bass
  • The battery life is considered good with up to 10hrs
  • Connectivity is good and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Easy to connect
  • Crystal clear sound with a range of 10m
  • Portable and transferable and good for room party


May have issues connecting to Alexa
Few complaints about Bluetooth not working after a few months

3. Betron A3 Bluetooth wireless speaker

Betron A3 Bluetooth wireless speaker

This Betron A3 Bluetooth wireless speaker is one of the best speakers by Betron, it has a built-in microphone that allows you to use your speaker for a phone call, allows you to have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones, tablets, computers and more.

The speaker is Ultra-lightweight and portable, making it excellent for traveling and allows you to take your music anywhere you want.


  • The speaker has a built-in microphone with a 2-feet pickup range that allows the speaker to double as a handsfree speakerphone
  • The speaker has an Aux function – through the 3.5mm audio Cable It can also connect any music device without Bluetooth
  • Has a Built-in LED ambiance light that can be turned off and on anytime

Common questions:

Does the Betron A3 run on mains or batteries?

The A3 is a wireless speaker meaning, it can be used while plugged into the mains or on built-in batteries. If you are traveling, you can use it but should be fully charged.

How do you turn off the LED light?

You will find a tiny button under the speaker, usually unnoticed, press and hold the button to turn the speaker on/off.

Can you play music on A3 using a USB stick?

This is a Bluetooth only enable speaker, it is also portable and has no USB port for such purpose, instead a 3.5mm audio cable (AUX) to connect other devices without Bluetooth connection.


  • Built-in microphone for calls
  • Audio cable to connect other non-Bluetooth devices
  • Ideal traveling speaker
  • It has a memory card slot
  • Up to 5hrs of battery life
  • Good sound quality


  • Few customers complain about failing to connect to TV
  • Not a great battery life

4. Betron KBS08 wireless Bluetooth speaker

Betron KBS08 wireless Bluetooth speaker

This speaker is unique and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices as well as devices with 3.5mm jack, the speaker is as well equipped with built-in microphone for Hands-free calling, Built-in TF slot support MP3 Music Play and Built-in FM Radio.

The speaker is excellent for traveling and lets you enjoy your music anytime and anywhere.


  • Can be easily paired with devices within 10 meters range
  • The rechargeable speaker streams your favorite music
  • Allows you to crank up the volume and fill your room with music

Common questions

Is Betron KBS08 waterproof?

The KBS08 is not a waterproof wireless speaker, it cannot be used in the bath or poolside where water can flash on it. There is a high risk of complete damage if it comes in contact with water, if you are looking for quality waterproof Bluetooth speakers, then check on our article on best waterproof peakers.

How can I get the Betron KBS08 Radio to work?

First, you need to have a micro USB lead plugged in, this serves as an antenna for the radio. Try press and hold the play/pause button together with the +, the FM should start tunning itself, and once it finds a clear channel, it should start working.

How can I turn off the flashing lights?

The flashing mixed color light is purely for entertainment, if you want it off, just press and hold the mode button for some seconds the flashing lights should turn off.


  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in microphone for hands free calling
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Good sound with bass effect
  • Comes with audio jack for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Up to 5hrs battery life of continuous play


  • Vibrates on high volume
  • Buttons can easily damage if not properly handled

5. Betron E45 wireless Bluetooth speaker

Betron E45 wireless Bluetooth speaker

This speaker has Bluetooth 4.1. Advanced Bluetooth tech that offers an extended 33ft range (outside) so you can take your phone further without losing connection, the speaker also provides bright, long-range audio with an enhanced subwoofer.

The speaker also offers a smart modern way to listen to your favorite hits wherever you are.

Compatible with a range of audio devices from smartphones to tablets, the E45 Bluetooth wireless speaker delivers electric bass sound by it’s 2 x5 watt drivers with enhanced subwoofer and a battery life of up to 8 hours, so you can listen to music for longer.


  • Provides dynamic sound performed by a 2 x5w speakers with a bass radiator for rich deep sound
  • The speaker has Broad Compatibility: Quick pairing through Bluetooth with iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Nexus, Samsung and other popular smartphones
  • Integrated microphones for handsfree calling and answering calls
  • Charging time is as little as 4 hours and no need to worry if you do not have Bluetooth capability, Betron has you covered and has included an audio cable so you can connect to your chosen device.
  • The E45 comes with a memory card slot that can support up 2 64G. The speaker also comes with an integrated microphone so you can make and take calls via your phone, computer or laptop.

6. Betron NR200 Bluetooth speaker

Betron NR200 Bluetooth speaker

With this speaker you will experience a full-bodied stereo sound with clean bass and powerful volume, it is a very portable wireless speaker that allows you to take your music wherever you go, it can fit snugly into your everyday luggage.


  • Portable wireless speaker, Wherever you go, you enjoy your music
  • The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Tablets as well as on Bluetooth devices such as mp3 players
  • The Dual acoustic wireless speakers and a powerful passive radiator to deliver stereo, loud, ultra bass, and high definition sound effect; suitable for indoor or outdoor activities, with control buttons for volume, track, and calls
  • Has a Touchpad sensor controls that make it easy to select your songs, make calls and change the volume, which are all on the top of the speaker with LED blue lights underneath to use day or night.

Common questions

Can I pair the two same speakers together?

From the little trial I conducted, these two of these speakers cannot be paired on the same phone. But there is no limitation to other forms of the trial you can conduct to see if it does work.

Can you play music using a USB stick or SD card?

The speaker has a mini SD card slot so you can play your music anytime, also a mini USB port on the Betron Bluetooth speaker allows for laptop connection.

Does the Betron NR200 speaker work with Amazon dot?

The Amazon dot works and connects any available Bluetooth, the NR200 is not exempted it should connect straight away.


  • The sound quality is unimaginably good
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reduces sound distortion
  • It has a built-in microphone
  • Up to 8hrs of battery life
  • Sensor burtons


  • The battery can begin to weigh down after some time

7. Betron KRT50 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Betron KRT50 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This is one of the best speakers that Produces clear realistic sound, by Betron. It has a battery life that lasts for long hours making it excellent for traveling.


  • It is Compact, Matte black finish, High-quality sound, with clear bass
  • Gives you long continuous playback from one charge
  • Provides great sound in a portable package, you can Toss into your bag so you’re never far from a party, or loop a lanyard through it for easy portability
  • This extraordinary audio device offers the right balance between sound quality and portability.
  • The Betron KRT50 Bluetooth speaker is one of the top best quality sound speakers from Betron, with noise cancelling features for handsfree calling.
  • Connects to every Bluetooth enabled devices and a very good stable connection.
  • For direct music play, the Betron KRT50 has a USB and MicroSD slots.
  • It has an enhanced bass, compact mids, and very clear highs.
  • Plays continuously on a full charge for 5 hours using a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • It is lightweight, transferable, and an ideal traveling companion.


  • Beautiful design and portable for traveling
  • Good battery life
  • Clear sound and enhanced bass
  • It has a noise cancelling handsfree calling


  • Mini USB cable is very short
  • Not an easy radio turning

8. Betron MC500 Bluetooth speaker

Betron MC500 Bluetooth speaker

This sleek portable Betron MC500 speaker is excellent for traveling, it allows you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, touch screen tablets, laptops, and more.

It has a line-in capability that enables you to connect the Bluetooth speakers directly to a non-Bluetooth-enabled device using the 3.5mm audio cable.

The speaker has an award-winning cube design is sure to make the wireless speakers the focus of attention and the sound of superb quality will keep you and your friends entertained.


  • The Speaker delivers a powerful sound and robust bass for its size. Utilizes Bluetooth technology for seamless device linking and a 66ft connection SD range.
  • Microropport, AUX, FM radio, Built-in Microphone. MC500 provides endless audio on with all options.
  • Is Compatible with Bluetooth devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Tablets as well as no Bluetooth devices such as mp3 players.
  • Has a built-in microphone with a 2-feet pickup range allows the speaker to double as a handsfree speaker pX Phone.
  • Has AUXunction – Through the 3.5mm audio line it can be used as an MP3 / MP4 player, also speakers of a mobile phone, a computer such as digital equipment.

Common Questions

Can two Betron MC500 be linked together?

These two Bluetooth speakers are not designed to link to each, but what you can do is to pair the two speakers on your device. Depending on the device you are using, this may not.

How can I connect Betron MC500 to my laptop?

Switch on your laptop and Bluetooth speaker, go to your laptop control panel, select add a device, once Betron is found, select it and then click add.

Can I connect this speaker to my keyboard?

This is possible, you can connect the speaker to keyboard, in fact, many people are connecting their keyboards using portable speakers. You can use the 3.5mm cable that came with the speaker to connect your keyboard.


  • Beautiful design and portable
  • Long battery life
  • If you like not so loud music then i is right for.
  • Good bass output
  • Good travel companion


  • If you like bass in your music, then think twice with this

9. Betron XR77 Bluetooth speaker

Betron XR77 Bluetooth speaker

The Betron XR77 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker allows for incredibly easy listening wherever you are, also delivers a powerful sound and robust bass through a 10W audio driver and passive subwoofer.


  • Produces deep, realistic sound
  • Allows Bluetooth wireless connection to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung mobile phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled devices with a 10m range. Bluetooth 4.0: Instantly pair to your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth compatible device and start streaming lossless CD-quality sound from up to 10m away
  • Has elegant Portable Wireless Speakers design, in classic simplicity, which fits your home beautifully.
  • Has Compact and sleek high-quality ABS cover reflex some shine in a bright environment, offer you the beautiful enjoying not only for ears but also for eyes!

10. Betron E50 Bluetooth speaker

Betron E50 Bluetooth speaker

This speaker Connects over Bluetooth wirelessly to favorite devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones, tablets and provides a sound companion to all your smart devices, furnishing you with room-filling sound through its dual-powered speakers and passive radiator.

The speaker also has a digital system that gives you clear high, warm mid-range and rich low frequencies and Integrated Microphone for handsfree calling and answering phone calls.


  • It has a 6W speaker to fill up the room of sound and enhanced bass
  • Connects to all Bluetooth devices
  • It also has a built-in dual speaker and a bass port for sound and bass lovers
  • The compact design makes this speaker versatile and fits any activity and travel.
  • Considerably battery life of more than 5 hrs of playtime


  • Enough sound to fill up the room
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor parties
  • Long battery life
  • Beautiful design


The knowledge we hope to spread is the reason for this post about betron Bluetooth speakers, Betron has long exceeded our expectation. Not only do these betron Bluetooth speakers ranked as one of the best Bluetooth speakers, but they have also always focused on quality and standard. And to prove this from Betron, we have listed some of the best betron Bluetooth speakers above for your comfort. Choose the product you want and follow the link to read more customer’s Betron Bluetooth speaker reviews.

Best of Betron Bluetooth Speakers

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