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Bestsoundsystemformusic is an independent online publication website, we deep dive to bring you the best reviews on all sound systems and technology as a whole. We are a small company run by a few people who strive to bring you the best online review experience.

Our Mission

It is to help customers make the informed decision, whether you are buying or just want more product information, Bestsoundsystemsformusic is here to serve you. We have a team of dedicated tech guys who will stop at nothing to bring out the best and worst on tech products around.

Our Source

We carefully pick top items and then narrow down with the best products, gathering real customer’s experience and comments, and recommend the best products as affiliates from Amazon, eBay, and many others. In return for our good work, we get a small commission from these affiliates.

Our Areas

We are currently in the market with some tech categories such as Best Speakers, Best Headphones, Best Gaming Equipment, and Best Car Audio Systems and we hope to expand with interest topics.

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We are everywhere to make contacting and following us easily.

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Meet The Team

CharlesCharles Dickens

Charles is passionate about blogging and technology, he studied Marketing and Computer Science, worked with other companies like Data Race Hero. Charles also manages few websites including bestsoundsystemformusic.com. He likes Working with Gadgets, Music, Football, F1 Race, and Enjoys Cooking.

Eddie Banda

Eddie Mcfarren is an avid blogger and audio enthusiast who enjoys a relatively long list of hobbies from Listening to music, backyard gardening to creating small scale businesses in varying niche markets.

When he is not writing about the best gaming guides, he is probably researching best pet care tips for his pet dog (Tess the Staffordshire Terrier).

Or he is busy researching what skincare products work best for his daughter, who, as a mixed-race, has combination skin type. He is crazy about retirement money saving using alternative revenue streams.

You can link up with him via twitter or LinkedIn.
In his own words, he says, “I know that not all retirement goals are equal, so, regardless of your goals being a lifestyle change, money-saving or emergency preparedness, now is time to find tools and ways that work best for your retirement-saving and go to work!”.

He is an SEO expert and publisher who runs an independently owned and operated publishing business from the northwest Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom.
His business model is primarily supported through affiliate programs and digital product creation.